Author: Panoramix
Date: May 15, 2003
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p r o f i l e



I'm born 03/09/1977, i live near strasbourg. At the begining i play techno minimal detroit and in the end of 1995 begining 1996 i begin to play psycho trance in little party with local dj and since there i never stop.
We make party in our region in france with the name: "Psychopath Sound System", we make underground party with 200 to 400 peoples.
Tiramismu (germany); Fog (ragana; Orbit-x; germany); Greg (5 for 12 crew; Zurich); Lezzo-Team (freiburg-germany).

from progressive to dark full-on

My favourit tracks at the moment are:
1-Sesto-Sento vs Intergalactic "Sarcastic Bee"
2-Groundzero"Way to go"
3-Xenomorph "Bizarre Temporary Dissociation"
4-Psyside "Black Moon"
5-Sesto-Sento "Clockwork"
6-Xenomorph "Three of Death"
7-Central Processing Unit "Crapule Cont inuum"
8-Dual Head vs Wrecked-Machines "Wich one"
9-N.R.S. "Trouble on Tlon"
10-Sesto-Sento "Alchemistica"

Olds tracks with one really old but it's one of my favourite Brighton Trash Department "Devil's Dyke" and Biotonic "Weird"is from 2001.

Some partys where I played:
-20/04/03 to the parkhaus in Kenzigen (germany).
-27/05/03 to the open-air party of my brother's birthday in france near strasbourg.
-21/06/03 near Delemont in Switzerland made by psychosphere

Phone: 0033671895231


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