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Author: phill
Date: Apr 21, 2003
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DJ Profile: Phill (Audiobahn Rec, The Cave)

Philip Nielsen
Style: Progressive- and psy-trance
Phone:: +45 20131406
Icq: 121342571
www: /


My name is Phillip and i Live in Copenhagen/Denmark.
I was born here in 1981.

I started out as a dj in 1998. I play various styles, such as progressive house, deep trance and psy-trance. It depends in the time of playing and the type of party. and the crowd.

The first parties i played at, was small outdoor parties in the local woods. But pretty fast the parties became bigger and bigger, and now i have played at some of the biggest and most respected venues in Denmark. (ie. Amager Bio and Vega)

I now run a club in Copenhagen, called The Cave. It's a club with room for about 350 people. I play there almost every weekend , and my job there is to make sure the place runs and to book the dj's and the live acts for the parties there.
The Cave is open every friday and saturday night. from midnight.


Etnoscope Live @ The Cave

Ticon Release Party @ The Cave
The Cave (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Originally Founded: 1995
Club started out being named THE TUBE - Beeing a venue where some of the
best and biggest names have played over the years.

Know as one of the best Trance venues in Denmark.
Trance in all it's form's from psy to deep - from minimal to progressive.

In 2002 the place closed down because of problems with the landlord.
While the club was closed, it tried to get a new venue at different places.
In the meantime the Landlord changed his mind and everything was moved back.

The Cave has room for 350 People.

The club re-opened in november 2002. With a killer re-opening party over the weekend Featuring: Intact Instinct & Reefer Decree.

The Cave is open every friday and saturday - From midnight to 6 AM.
The entry fee is also 60 Dkr.- (about 8 Euros)
No matter the lineup!!!!

Since November various acts and dj's
from around the world has played at the cave:

Intact Instinct - Reefer Decree - Etnoscope - Tegma - Ticon - Phoney Orphants - Beat Bizarre - Paste - Shiva Chandra - Metronome - Vibrassphere - D-Vei - Chromosome - Tellus 2 - El Audio - The Gnome Effect - Vaishiyas - And Many More....

Mahasuka - Mekanizm (Mekano) - Loopiter Dj Team - Matthias Delay - Daniel Vernuft - Alegria - Auspexx - Peter Didjital - Emok - Anders Nillson - Shimmy - Tamahunta - Molly Kulator - Frederik Flanger - And Many Many More....


If you want to have a playing opportunity at The Cave in Copenhagen.
send your Demos, Promos or dj mixes to:

Phillip Nielsen
Prinsesse Christines Vej 13, 3tv
2300 Kbh. S


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