Blacklightfantasies & optictrance of Maxi

Author: Maxi
Date: Feb 16, 2003
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Blacklightfantasies & Optictrance of Maxi

yes, i am still on, decorating trance-parties all over! with more than 80 pictures i travel around and work for optical delights in not only the "goa" scene, but in many more aspekts of the psycedelic family, whereever uv-dekorations and neon art is wanted.....!



My new passion lies in permanent installations (skulptures in plaster) and club-wall-paintings (latest at mondmilch.ch at zuerich). The price is depending on size, spirit and location of the events/clubs.


To see more of my work, just check my homepage:

direkt kontakt by flourelysium@ppgc.ch

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