Klatu Barada Nikto - Wajanga Records

Brazilian Compilation

Author: 1000
Date: Jan 22, 2003
Views: 2367

Release Notes
Explosive compilation assembled by the people of the brazilian Daime tribe
and mastered by master blaster Banzi of GMS. Deeply rooted in psychedelic
tribal culture with firm beliefs in Kayapò mythology, over the last years
the Daime tribe established themselves as uncompromising representants of
powerful psychedelic trance events with a very special unique character. As
an example of their energy here for you 9 kicking brand new unreleased
tracks with killers like Burn ‘n’ Noise, Polaris, Polar Drops, Spectral
Skunk, Wrecked Machines & more. Intelligent full on psytrance dancefloor’s
breakers directly from the jungle, do not miss it!!

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