Author: Shuma
Date: Nov 19, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Shuma - are Davor Tosovic ( Gaia Twins live act ) & Emir Cehaic (dj Hip -
Tribalizer crew ). In year 2002 we started Shuma project , and we created
our first track called "This order" . Our music is best described as mixture
of minimalistic psy trance with techno & progressive elements, and on the
other hand we are also producing ambient etno slow-motion chill out tracks.

Our production is mostly computer based, but we use also few synths. gear : 2 PCs , Cubase VST, tons of samples, Maxim digital audio jx10, maxim digital audio dx10, yamaha djx-1, roland mc-505, roland jv80 and some other soft synth/samplers.

We are residents at "Tribalizer" @ underground club Attack in Zagreb, and doing psy partys (Tribalizers) 2-3 times a month. Some partys we were playing: "The Spirits meet" @ KSET, Zagreb, "Ponikve open air festival" @ Ponikve, Zagreb, "Earthdance 2002" @ Gala hala, Ljubljana/slo.

Contact & booking:

Ul.grada Vukovara 43, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
mob: ++385915317463


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