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Date: Oct 17, 2002
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His music is both intelligent and emotional. Electronic dance music that appeals to the mind and heart. Trance that manages to be psychedelic, progressive, melodic and above all groovy as it gets!
BLT is one of the few established artists still playing regularly in all the underground nature parties in Israel.

tokyokid: Who is BLT? Tell us about your beginnings and how did you enter the trance scene?

BLT: Well, my name is Yuli, I'm 32 years old, not a student anymore.. heh - Graduate Acupuncturist. I started making electronic music at the beginning of 1997 after being for a while in the trance scene ( since 1992 ) I always had this urge to create something and make special atmosphere in my creation so I guess I am making that urge come out... I came to Trance thru small Vagator, Goa, India... I got to Goa first time at the beginning of 1993 and got hooked since.. The music has changed a lot since then I have to admit, but it is still very special to me and it's wanderfull to see how it develops all the time ( even tho it is sometimes stuck for a while as well )

tokyokid: How difficult was it to start as a new act in Israel?

BLT: Well it's not the same pattern for any beginner I guess, but it sure involves a great deal of money ( for the equipment ) but not only that - u actually have to make it your 24hrs thing... I have started making trance music relatively old age ( 26 ) and by this time ppl usually more interested in finding a proper place to work and live their lives.. Music is very demanding, and if one wants to practice this art correctly, a lot of time involved, and you have to have a lot of faith in what u do and work a lot on it

tokyokid: Can you live from music?

BLT: Today, I guess I can say that yes.. but it's so unexpected so it might be ĂŽno' in two weeks time.. You have to understand as well, that there are musicians that are more commercial and there are the once that are less commercial.. a te I guess if I would make more commercial trax, I would tour more and the living was easier

tokyokid: Tell us your recipe to make a Track.

BLT: There is no recipe.. I try very hard not to make formulae and work on my tracks through it.. It's very tempting though.. Basically I start usually with a groove and play a little with sounds to get some stready rhythm... Afterwards I get stuck usually and go for making new sounds and other things concerning the track.. When I had enough of these I just come back to the track, open it and start going with it, using the sounds and the rhythms I made and inventing some on the way

tokyokid: Tell us about your new album...

BLT: Well, I have released 'God is Love' only recently... I get very good feedbacks about it and that makes me very content. I really like the final product cuz the 'Flow' was achieved and big time in this album, and I was afraid that since my music getting closer to the dance floor, it's ability to be 'home music' as 'dance music' might get hurt.. I was wrong and that's very good. It's important at this point to say, that great effort was made to bring this album ( or at least part of it ) to Vinyl freaks, and it wasn't an easy task, due to the fact that BNE almost don't deal with records at the mo. So I am very happy to announce that an EP - God is Love is due to b out any day now, on Iboga Records, and it's really great the 'problem' was solved in this way

tokyokid: Why God is Love?

BLT: hehe first because it IS... and second and not less seriously, is because there is so much wrong shit going around us every single day... I can see that many of us lost the ability to feel ( truly feel ) - we are so full of shit that it's quite unbelievable if u take some time to look from the side... God is Love is very simple and basic, and every one has it ( like a CD burner... ;o) ) - and unlike the CD burners.. not many people use it...

tokyokid: What music do you listen to besides yours?

BLT: Trance wise I really like Cosma's music which is my favorite at the mo.. Also very special for me are PsyCraft & Triac from my home town Beer Sheva in Israel... I like very much the styles of Plusquam, Iboga & Digital Structures and as for foreign artists, I guess Tegma, Haldolium & Bitmonx would make my choice at the moment.. But I really don't listen to trance that much... I really like chilly Break Beat or Drum'n'Bass to hear at home - there are heeps of this kind of music and it's much more enjoyable for home listening as far as I am concerned

tokyokid: What do you do in your life apart from music?

BLT: I just finished studying - so I do NOTHING at the mo

tokyokid: How much is the situation in Israel affecting your music?

BLT: I guess that a lot.. I think it's awfull what is going on here, and I wish it would end but I guess both sides prefer this thing rare to well done

tokyokid: What have you given to the world with your music?

BLT: That is a tough one ;) - it concerns with my philosophy of trance though... I guess I gave quite a few Magical Moments to some ppl in different times and different places... These moments are the drive to make what I do

tokyokid: What are your future plans?

BLT: No plans.. just hanging around for a while

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