Author: Molecular
Date: Oct 9, 2002
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p r o f i l e



MOLECULAR (Arie Shilansky & Yaniv Haham)

Progressive trance / club trance

Molecular - Feel the Heat (Fast Forward, Neurobiotics)
Molecular - Waking Up (Trancelucent prod. "open hand")
Molecular - Hardcore Party (Medium rec. "acupuncture")
Molecular - Undersea Paradise (Com.Pact rec. "Fata Morgana")

more tracks soon on Com.pact, Trancelucent & Dance N Dust compilations.

coming soon...

Arie Shilansky & Yaniv Haham from Tel-Aviv are Molecular.

Arie, born 1977 in Netanya played Piano for 5 years
and listened basically to everything, from Mozart, through Hip Hop, to Hip Hop & Spanish music.

Yaniv, AKA Yants, born 1976 in Yahud, is doing a degree in communication.
He listened to music from all styles.

The guys met in Colombia while travelling in South America in the Summer of 1999. They developed a similar taste for trance music.
And when they came back to Israel, they started to DJ together in a little dance-bar in Tel Aviv, playing mainly oldies.
From there they started to play more and more in bigger events as well and slowly developed their progressive taste.
After DJing all around Israel for two years they started to make music in their home studio and also are a part of Plug 'n Pray artist group.
They define their music as progressive trance with smart melodies, music for night and morning with clubby touches with influences from Noma, S-Range and all progressive and Scandinavian trance.


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