Analog Pussy @ the Love Parade


Author: Jiga + Jinno
Date: Jul 24, 2002
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Love Parade Morning, we land in Berlin. taxi to our 5 stars hotel. we'll play tonight at the
"Love-Airport" party with Oliver-Lieb, Kai-Tracid, DJ Rush, Umek, Marusha, Ken-Ishi, Yoji Biomehanika etc. all of us stay on the same hotel-floor, but we don't see anyone.

we want to experience the parade itself, the promoter put us on truck 4 - a deaf-people truck.
lots of stunningly beautiful girls with a hearing device on their ears. "how on earth are they going to hear the music??? not to mention dancing", we ignorantly wonder. But they dance passionately & precisely to the beat. they dont hear it. they feel it !!! the hum of the bass goes right in their stomach. interesting, isnt it? Trance music can speak in many ways.

The truck drives slowly. infinite mass of 600,000 humans. it's a little city of crazy people. smells like sex. even the cops move to the beat like go-go girls. it's raining, the action increases. Frankly, the DJ on our truck sucks. he likes his own voice on the mic, shuts the music every 5 minutes and screams in German: "halllooo Love-Parade, what's up !!! "but who cares, for us the people are the music. one roaring cluster of sound. it's about peace this year. we feel like two kids, it's ok to be innocent. and happy.

3 hours later at the Victory Column we get off the truck, rushing to the SoundCheck inside an airport in Berlin. biggest hangar we've seen. we wait 3 hours till the soundman connects us. it's late, no point to return to the hotel. never mind we think, we'll go to the backstage and "mingle".
But we discover there's no real backstage. each artist has his/her own privet room upstairs.
no chance to meet anybody. we look in the buffet room. great food, even lamb chops.
we see some of the artists managers eating. i always wondered what managers actually do...

a knock on our door; time to go. the hangar is full of smoke, 2 video-art systems & lights. we play our tek trax, no melodies. we experiment with our MS10 synth, perfect for this party. our trax sound larger than life on the system. we feel intoxicated, overwhelmed from the hugeness.
Oliver Lieb arrives at the end of our set. we need 6 more minutes for the last track.
"but i dont have so much time to play" he almost burst into tears. politely though.
we have no problem to cut down a track, we feel great. we did it !
outside hundreds of people still crowd on the gate. we barely make it out with the taxi.

in the next two days we just relax, walk in Berlin and have fun. no pajama party with Marusha and no farting contest with DJ Rush, but that's ok, we are not the mingling type anyway.

Jiga + Jinno

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