Brazil After Summer

Author: Carbon 23
Date: May 31, 2002
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A forecast for the Brazilian scene after Trance-boom in Summer 2002

Here we are again, after a very hectic party-activity period from November 2001 until now.

Lots of beautiful small events and great open air festivals such as in Alto Paraiso in NYE, Ypy Poty, Celebra Brasil, and closing in style with Goa Gil's 24 hour set (thanks to Daime Tribe and Good Mood) last weekend and, for this weekend, Psycircus Gathering which is possibly the last big festival in Brazil for the upcoming months as everyone is now booking air tickets for Europe...

Winter is approaching. And although Brazilian winter is not what one would expect as an impeditive issue for trance parties, to find that "big-foreigner-super-star" around enjoying holidays – and a guaranteed succesfull party in most situations - is now a hard task. As well, booking artists from Europe right now might also be quite difficult as their schedule is tight as ever.

So how the party scene will continue with few possibilities on having strong well-known names around as most artists have their commitments in parties in Europe?

Well, perhaps the great shot for Brazilian artists to show their work is still to come.

During summer 2002 we experienced the most active period in trance scene ever. Brazil has established itself as a major environment for trance parties, and parties that one year ago would not gather much more than 300 people now can guarantee having twice as much of such crowd attending. Most of this new-generation on trance scene has come with full energy, and a full-on party-thirst demanding party organisers to keep up the job. Results are weekly events appearing (eventhough most of them do not go over one or two issues), many many party groups getting organised (and also sometimes “disorganised”...), but serious trance-workers are earning the deserved recognition. For instance, some brazilian artists shall be playing at Voov Experience this year (who? can’t tell you...;-D), in Mexico, Greece and in South Africa eclipse party...

Solution therefore seems to be to keep-up the parties moving, promoting the local artists amongst their crowd. Such artists shall get more and more respected as the “mp3-DJing fever” seems to be slowing down, and hopefully the newbies will get better informed, partying harder on music and culture, but softer on “glam-raving”, learning to party in deep counsciousness and not only through the "big 400,000 watts festival that all my mates are going to"...

We look very much forward to see what’s happening next. Expectations are the best possible.

Stay tuned. Right after this....


Carbon 23

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