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Interview by Sequential-X

Author: Sequential-x
Date: Apr 3, 2002
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April 02, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

1) How you guys ended up forming System 7 ?

We started System 7 in 1989. We'd been following the development of dance music through the 80s and eventually had an irresistible desire to develop our own sound.

2) What got you involved in electronic dance music and why you picked the electronic scene instead of something else (rock for instance) ?

We were involved in psychedelic rock music throughout the 70s. I was a prom=nent member of the group Gong and met Miquette at that time. When I left Gong we formed our own group and made 8 albums. But we were always involved in the blend of rock and psychedelic electronica. By the end of the 70s we got totally bored with being in a rock band and the whole rock approach. I worked as a full time record producer (and still do) while we waited for fresh iinspiration, and as I said, it came from the dance sphere.

"...the way we use the guitar in System 7 is really cool. Far cooler than a load of lead guitar solos. I get pleasure out of it...."

7) You have collaborated with various artists, some of them being major electronic stars, Alex Patterson for instance. What is the main motive behind such a move ?

We enjoy collaboration. We learn and we share in making music. Collaboration is a major part of dance music generally, both in making tracks and of course in remixing, which is a kind of remote collaboration.

8) You seem to have relations with both the techno scene and the trance scene. If you had to pick only one of them and stick with it which would it be and why ?

It is impossible for us to be confined to one "scene" because when we started System 7 things weren't divided up like they are now.. We like many different styles and we can express ourselves in many different ways - but it's still us. Human beings seeking to communicate with other human beings.

I'd like to make one point - I grew up in the 60s and for me "psychedelic" means "expansion of the mind and consciousness". I cannot understand how it is possible to have a narrow definition of psychedelia. My mind was blown wide open by LSD and subsequent spiritual explorations and I find psychedelic energy in many different forms.


3) Describe your music style... in only one word ?


4) Name you favorite recording kits.

Logic Audio and Protools.

5) What is the think you like most about the quitar ? You seem to manipulate its sound with various external effects. Share your secrets with System 7 fans.

Well, guitar has always been my main instrument. For me the rather abstract way we use the guitar in System 7 is really cool. Far cooler than a load of lead guitar solos. I get pleasure out of it.

6) List some of your influences (there is no limit in this question, meaning you can name everything)

Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Kraftwerk, George Clinton, Derrick May, Carl Cox, Oum Kalsoum, Dalai Lama, Lawrence of Arabia, Salvador Dali, Fulcanelli, Carlos Castaneda etc.

9) Tell us about you live PAs, what you do better or differently than others ?

I would not wish to directly compare our live techniques to other artists, as everyone is different. If they succeed in connecting with the people and generating the special energy that comes from an inspiring dance event then that's fine.

We've been doing live performances with System 7 and also with The Orb since 1990, which is about as long as anybody. Over the years we've evolved a pretty neat practise that combines sequencing, DJ mixing and genuine live playing (including guitar).

We love playing live and love the experience of clicking with a dance-savvy crowd and taking them on a techno journey.

10) Outdoors or Indoors, what are your preferences ?

Both good - but outdoors is best!


System 7 Live Pic1.

System 7 Live Pic 2.

11) The last album "Seventh Wave" followed a more warm, mellow path than previous records. Is this a new direction for System 7 or it was just the mood of those recording months ?

Seventh Wave was the record we really wanted to do at that time. I should imagine that the next one will be different but I can't really say much until we start it in November 2002.

12) What is the future direction of System 7 ?

Maybe a little less trancey and a bit more pure techno. But still with our own sound.

13) Have you ever visited Greece (impressions) ? If no would you interested in doing so and why ?

We've never visited Greece. We would like to!

14) Close this interview with a statement or something similar.

Quote from Jimi Hendrix :- "Stay with your thing!"


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