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Author: Carbon 23
Date: Feb 27, 2002
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Well, all the party organising just started a couple of weeks before, during Ypy Poty. We did not have much time to promote a big event, and providing we are musicians rather than professional party organisers we decided on making it small and private. Nonetheless, we wanted to have nice sound system and a beautiful location and that surely happened!

Night started with DJ Martinelli followed by Vazik and Sam, who played an amazing ping-pong set in the sunrise and smiling faces were everywhere!!!

Kompset (DJ Martinelli's and R. Noffs trance project) live act followed them leaving everyone quite impressed about their ever growing technique on making fine trance music! Dj Marcello VOR fullonised the dance floor as to keep the energy up followed by Carbon 23 (me!) who despite of 20 hours of non-sleeping and taking care of the party entrance all the time played a short but well composed set.

Party was then commanded by Marcus Reiter and Oli (MOS), in a 5 hour ping-pong set that put everybody really in the nice progressive hip-moving atmosphere - good for the time as the sun was blazing hot - by the way sunshine was really a gift from the skies to us in this party since we are in the rainy season here in Brazil and it rains everyday - not in the party day though!

Many kids were running around the dancefloor, perfect environment and good vibration amongst all friends that helped us to build this beautiful event!!

As the scene grows in Brazil people tend to forget how beautiful a small party can be - and also how everything started to most of us - and we are now enjoying the results of it on people's messages to us telling how pleasant their last Sunday was.

Chaishop Brasil would like to thank DJs Marcello VOR, Sam & Vazik for their extraordinary DJing and helpful hand during the pary organising and also the party itself - it was a party with no profit intention at all, and those guys although professional Top DJs shown to be also Top friends!!!

You will find pictures of the party @


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