Liquid Crystal Vision

A PsychedeliDocumentary

Author: omananda
Date: Jan 18, 2002
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Jan 01 2002
All creative processes are finished. Liquid Crystal Vision is on DVD, available on the World Wide Web to anybody, anywhere!
The movie is a digital trance odyssey made by 2 masterminds; Omananda and Tantric Demon. Those 2 Goa-freaks managed to capture the essence of Goa without using any party shots of Goa. Edited in London and filmed in India, Cambodia, Laos, the US, Europe, and Japan, LCV was inspired, made by, and carries the frequencies of magic!
Liquid Crystal Vision is much more then a documentary on trance music. Experiencing it brings the viewer closer to the edges of reality. It moves at the speed of an Acid trip. All high quality 3-D graphics were especially made for the film. The cut up interviews with people such as Alex Grey, System 7, Shpongle, Kode 4, GoaGil, Indian Ascetics, and visual artists carry channeled information. The sound track is made by master musicians - Doof, Simon Posford, Youth, Irresistible Force, Bufo and many more! Liquid Crystal Vision raises consciousness in people and awareness about parties. The film cycles topics of freedom, dancing, media revolution, celebration and….. globalization. The goal of the film is to send the message of love around the world and to inspire people to use parties and art as a weapon against the destructive powers.

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One love, the Liquid Crystal Visionaries!

Find out more/ purchase DVD or VHS copies at:

produced by Omananda and Tantric Demon




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