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Date: Jan 6, 2002
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B i o g r a p h y



gen.6 (Creon records SE) aka Paulina Cewe is a dj and producer focused on minimalistic tech-psy and progressive house-trance.

“ blending chaos and order she takes the crowd on a wild journey into the darker and progressive side of psytrance.. ”

She knows how to tame the psychedelic sounds and make them follow her every command. Playing at underground parties and appearing at more commercial events such as the well-known Swedish underground club Docklands in Stockholm or the Dinamo in Tel Aviv (Israel) – gen.6 has established her own style by blending minimal and progressive trance since ‘99.
Coming from a musically oriented family, as a child gen.6 was schooled in the art of classical piano which laid the foundation for an enormous interest in music and it’s multiple manifestations. Especially her mother, a singer/songwriter by profession, played a vital role - as she guided the young gen.6 in exploring the beauty of rhythm and sound – so that music would always be the main theme in her life.

Introduced fairly late into the techno-trance scene, gen.6 soon found a personal forum in a new dimension. By founding the psytrance-liveact duo “pauer” a creative door was opened that deepened her understanding for “electronic music”. This was the beginning of a great exploration of the trance-phenomena which eventually led to her DJing.

The continous search for an interaction with the crowd, and a constant connection with the trance community, enables gen.6 to entwine the different changes and flows both on the dancefloor and on the trance-scene as a whole. Her appetite for beat and rhythm is fueled by the fascinating and ever evolving sound of trance.

Being one of the few female DJs playing both progressive and minimal trance, gen.6 has both the advantages and struggles of DJing a style of trance that is rapidly changing.

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S c h e d u l e




03/11 - 2001 Stockholm @ Docklands, Sweden
08/11 - 2001 Tel Aviv @ Dinamo Dvash, Israel
16/11 - 2001 Enköping, Sweden
24/11 - 2001 Stockholm, Sweden
01/12 - 2001 Stockholm, Sweden
07/12 - 2001 Orebro @ Strömpis, Sweden
12/12 - 2001 Stockholm @ Aston, Sweden
14/12 - 2001 London @ Progressive Pleasure, England
15/12 - 2001 Oxford, England
21/12 - 2001 Ronneby @ Lemon, Sweden
22/12 - 2001 Västerås @ Club E, Sweden
31/12 - 2001 Lugano @ Next Dimension, Switzerland


05/01 - 2002 London, England - rescheduled
12/01 - 2002 Warsaw @, Poland
18/01 - 2002 Göteborg, Sweden
26/01 - 2002 Stockholm @ Docklands, Sweden
30/01 - 2002 Stockholm @ Spoony, Sweden
01/02 - 2002 Stromstad, Sweden
15/02 - 2002 Stockholm, Sweden
02/03 - 2002 Watford @ Area Club, England
30/03 - 2002 Stockholm @ Metropolitan, Sweden


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