Tranceculture in Croatia

Croatia report by DJ Ganesh

Author: DJ Ganesh
Date: Dec 10, 2001
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HI to all !

i'm dj ganesh from zagreb , and i'll try to write something about what's
hapenning with trance culture at the moment in croatia.
there are few small groups of individuals sharing common interest for trance
so i would like to start with them first.
in capitol and biggest city , zagreb , work few groups doing parties
toghether or individualy."tribalizer" is name of only regular trance venue
here , which goes from last november and it's a project of two groups :
Mind Factory & Humor Tumor Sekta recs.
"tribalizer" is underground in real sense of that word ;
sometimes no flyers , place where the party is held was a factory in the
past ,some people involved coming from anarcho/punks cirlces so sometimes it
works on that way.but ! atmosphere is nice , people are nice ; there are no
some big dj names coming because of lack of money for fees , but you can
hear good sets from
local dj's and good dj's from countries around ( for example bushava azbuka
from macedonia who camed twice and played wicked hard sets.)
sometimes there is try to put it on bigger level , but seems like some
people don't want that...anyway ,
mind factory is musical/deco project , with dj's : kobayagi , vanja , hip ,
and "fantastichnee gluparium " as deco artists.
humor tumor sekta recs. is manly musical project , supposed to grow into a
first croatian trance label ; with offside projects like : party/festivals
promotor( label parties etc..), deco art stuff, radio show ,etc.. in hand of
me , dj ganesh.
first bigger project was summer festival "free spirit"(details later) ,
and parties coming in december( tatsu label party)
and february(neurobiotic).
looking forward to see it !
"soundforms" is party project of dj tomislav , happening sometimes on
different locations in tomislav is also one of the first psy trance
dj's around , and he runs a trance radio show , but i'll speak about that
soundforms is also manly a musical project.
"astralis" is name of parties held in biggest zagreb's discotheque ,
in hands of dogma 3000 guys and dj go cut.
they started in 1998 , and soon developed into a real commercial project
,with big advertise , shitty music , parties for wider masses ( it's friday
, let's go to disco ! , 3000-4000 people ),
and some of the people don't like it cause it's really a story of making
profit.( or being smart ? )
on the other hand they hosted lot of local and foreign dj's and bands like:
tsuyoshi suzuki , gus till , dj yaniv , james monro , acan etc..
so it's opportunity for people to listen it.
now they started with not only trance , but techno , house stuff seing that
as progressive decision.
astralis is project of : dogma3000 + dj go cut ,
and they released some stuff on labels like : rtts , cheese , hadshot
haheizer , but that's also another story.
another city involved in trance is pula , city on adriatic coast ,
situated on peninsula istria , with look similiar like india.big v.
metamedia is project of dj marino , trance pioneer in croatia ,
playing from '92 , doing summer festivals , club parties etc..
and elena ; she is in charge for decorations on metamedia parties.
metamedia is multimedial project , based on music , deco art , and with lot
of other ideas , but i will not go deep into it.
their biggest project is multimedial summer festival
" media mediterranea" , with open air parties ,
offside projects like net culture , street culture , web design etc..
highlight of last summer season was a trance festival organized by
humor tumor sekta , metamedia and mind factory called " free spirit " ,
held on really beutiful beach on island of cres ,
with two days of dance and laughing.(dj's played: edoardo/neurobiotic ,
sonic distorion crew/prague , marino , ganesh , mind factory crew etc..)
another group from pula is mars room , relativly new ,
based on musical and deco art projects.people putting things up are
dj nesho & alen , and alen is also in charge for decorations.
music you can hear at the moment on the parties is a mixture between
full on psychedelic trance , progressive trance , techtrance
like in other countries around.
i don't want to talk special about any dj , cause it would be realy
subjective thought.
as for production stuff , you can see dogma3000 as biggest project.
releases for: rtts , hadshot haheizar , blue moon..
also dj go cut with release for cheese recs.(baloonia sublabel)
there are some projects to be heard soon ,
but you'll find out it on time.
some dj's played in lot of countries around ,
and response was very good.
(slovenia , czech rep. , macedonia , hungary , italy , bosnia & herzegovina
there is no croatian trance label ,
but I see things coming up from Metamedia project and me.

there is really no big trance community ,
(techno , techhouse scene is very developed )
and as we speak about musical tastes ,
lot of people are still in old goa trance stylish sound
(astral proj. etc..) so you can play them everything.
they are not involved in what trance really is ;
i mean on real festivals and all other thngs making trance so's just sometimes like goa disco on fridays.
other party goers also don't see either difference about what
are we dj's are playing , so for them , I or anybody else
will always be GOA trance dj , no matter I played
progressive style , technoid stuff etc...
so , we can talk about 50-100 people , really into it ,
which you can see on every party and every festival ,
no matter you can see 4000 people on astralis party weekly in club best.
there are three radio shows dedicated to trance :

"GSV" goes on sundays form 14-16h, on Radio Student
and editors are tribalizer crew and me.
it's manly live mix in the studio , with some interviews etc..
live transimission from tribalizer parties will happen soon ,
as things fixed up.
"TELEPORT" is another radio show on Radio Student ;
it goes from '98 I think , and dj tomislav is in charge.
his termin is on fridays from 16-18h.
"DISKO INFERNO" is oldest radio show ,
which goes on sundays ( late hours) at radio pula ,
and editor is dj marino.
there are no special magazines dedicated to trance ,
only mag which is dedicated to techno off course ,
and they don't see trance as interesting thing to write about.
there is an idea for small fanzin in our production ,
and things will be realized after NYE for sure.
in the meantime , we can read new mushroom issues....
bigger parties coming soon are:
"tatsu recs label party" in december ,
with tatsu crew and local dj's ,
"neurobiotic label party" in february
all organized by humor tumor sekta recs and tribalizer crew ,
and there are bunch of smaller parties every second weekend.
situation would be better ,
if this happenings succed , cause it's really hard to organize
bigger gigs , cause you don't know if you'll be able to attract
enough people to come , and as you all know ,
star dj's and their fees are really big.
there is also a preparing for summer festivals ,
but you will find details after january.

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