Tribalizer Party review

07.12.2001 Attack - Zagreb - Croatia

Author: DJ Ganesh
Date: Dec 10, 2001
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"Tribalizer" - small party review - 07 - 12 - 01
Attack - Zagreb - Croatia
This time things functioned like sometimes before..we didn't have
any flyers or posters on time , so there were no so much people..
we get there at about 20h , to prepare things like decorations ,
soundsystem , booze etc...
We did lot of parties monthly , so I also think people felt little
tired , so there was no so much energy put in it.
also , there are some misunderstandings beetween us how should
it suppposed to look like , so that's another reason....
dj's played were Vanja , who is part of Mind Factory crew ,
Gordan ( he is not pro dj , but he has lot of interesting music
collected on his travellings "around the world" ) and me dj ganesh.
On the freestyle/ambient floor were usually Tribalizer crew ,
like Kobayagi , Hip , Warlike.
Vanja started around 22.00 and did an interesting warm up set.
Music was a mixture of new Tatsu/Medium/Baluns style , and fit ok to
ambience and timing of the night.I soon followed..
Don't want write anything special about it , I'm satisfied ; but only
thing which was bad , was some drunk guy who fall directley on turntables in
the middle of the can make you out of control...
At the end Gordan followed..his music was good , but he was to much
"out of body experience" and sometimes made few mistakes.
(..pressing stop on track which was playing etc..)
People were dancing , there was no so much energy on the floor and
but maybe music was little too hard in ocassions for them..
I didn't spend so much time on another floor , but I'v heard positive
reactions about Kobayagi'z set..
Anyway , nothing so special , yet another party from Tribalizer kitchen
,exception that it was my birthday celebration....
Today ( 08 - 12 ) , we have another gig ,
but with different line up.So , see ya there !

ganesh dj

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