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Date: Sep 1, 2001
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September 2001

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So i just finished a week camping/climbing on mt shasta.

The weather up here is fantastic, even at 13,000 ft it was roasting hot.

As i was resting up and getting ready to climb down i met this dude from germany and asked him what time it was. He looked at his watch and said 4 20 pm.
This was just a random meeting on top of a mountain and he was some old limo driver from germany so he had no idea what 420 is....he was perplexed as to why i laughed when he told me what time it was..."was i suffering from altittude sickness"??? he asks...hehehe...
Any way when i got back down to camp there was fires burning and ravers and hippies and new agers, bears and various other creatures gathering for one of those spontaneous raves that happen in this special spot...soon the sky turns purple and orange and the full moon rises as the music carries us into the night for just another typical night on mt shasta. No permits no hassles just stunning views under a sky full of stars.

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