Spectra Presents

"Circles": Featuring Hux Flux and Noma

Author: aaron
Date: May 5, 2001
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May 5th, 2001

Spectra Presents:

"Circles": Featuring Hux Flux and Noma

Bronx, NY
Text: aaron

I had just arrived in New York from San Francisco and had just gotten around to contacting some friends of a friend who lived in Brooklyn. I dropped by their studio/office and lo and behold: the swedes had invaded and they were playing a party that very night! Hux Flux and Noma were hanging out, gathering steam for what turned out to be quite a nice party.

The folks from Spectra had gone out of their way preparing the venue.(a rollerskating rink)
Jamon had done a stellar job with the decor and overhead fluoro installations.
The sounds system- a mere 5K watts on paper- was running class A amplification- constant current- to the wall of speakers pummelling the tiny skating rink with sound. While the sound did occasionally foray into the painfull (horn loaded midrange cabinets- best for outdoors- sometimes too penetrating for indoor venues...) The overall sound was fat and quite impressive.

The night opened with a set by Calyx, winding us through some of the classics, old and new.
Lori the Hi-Fi Princess spun next- Quite an increase in energy and tempo...
Then Henrik and Dennis from Hux Flux spun a dj set and played live- Absolutely raw sound- full-on, deep, and yet somehow really subtle. Quite a trip from those two.

Followed in the morning by both a DJ set and a live set by Noma, aka Magnus Anderson.
Need i say deep? Subterranean. When heard from the adjacent room, the sub bass he uses in his tracks is HUGE. Its so big and low you can't properly hear it near the speakers- the wave takes that long to unravel! stand back and be amazed.
Nobody was standing back and being amazed tho. They were all dancing like mad freaks!

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