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Author: nCo
Date: Nov 18, 2001
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July 16 - Photos are Coming

Back from Arvika Festivalen!

Well folks, better late than never! A bigger update is coming soon with
pictures and movies from this years Arvika Festival. Stay tuned!
All I can say is that despite all police and the crazy closing hours, this year was really good.
The sound was better than ever and the acts nicely lined up on both friday and saturday.

May 16 - Large Update

Travelling to Voov this summer?

As always, a bustravel is arranged, going from Gothenburg to Voov Experience!
Departure is scheduled for the 2nd of August and the partybus is heading back to Sweden the 6th.
The price is 950 skr for new travellers and 850 skr for those of you who travelled with the bus last year!

More info at : http://travel.to/voov

Arvika Festivalen - new artists!

New liveacts are: Haldolium (d), Slinky Wizard (uk), Spirallianz (d), Noma, Starsoundorchestra (d) och S-Range.
New Dj:s are: DJ Chris Liberator (uk), DJ Morg, DJ Planet Ben (d), DJ Robert Leiner och DJ Kvasi.

More info at : http://www.galaxen.se

Great Backdrops!!

Found these backdrops the other day and had to share them with you people.
Really wicked fairytale inspired shroom infected psychedelic imagery!

Visit : http://usa.internations.net/music/wildfrogz/images/

Intressant drogdebatt!

Alexander Bard ??en g? i hetluften med sina radikala narkotika?kter!
F? g?en s?vi honom reta upp det svenska folkhemmet i SVT2s debatt program.

L?mer p? http://www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/0105/15/debatt.html

Mar 21 - Party

X-Dream is coming to Gothenburg!

Wednesday the 28th is Logic Bomb night at Chrome Nightclub in Gothenburg!
Dj's for the night is Bakke (Spiral Trax) and Kvasi, known from Arvika Festivalen.


On the 4th of April, they and Atmos are playing live and tickets are limited.
Some evil rumours say its not 100% confirmed so be sure to check before you buy any tickets!

Kolla Skalmans Drogvanor P? http://www.geocities.com/eragord

Mar 05 - Debatt

Dags att mjuka upp v? h?a narkotikalagar?

Tisdag 6 Mars kl 22.10 i SVT2
Ett reportage svarar ja: Det ?orimligt att kriminalisera alla som brukar narkotika.
Dessutom ?det f?om pr? narkotika som verkligen fastnar i ett
missbruk. Det andra reportaget svarar nej: I Sverige finns f?llandevis f?R> tunga narkomaner och det kan vi tacka v?h?a narkotikalagstiftning f?BR> Avkriminaliserar man narkotikan s?amnar fler i tungt missbruk.

DEBATTERA P?: http://www.svt.se/debatt/debattforum_frame.htm

Mars 04 - Party

Noma live on stage!

On wednesday the 7th, Noma and Anti will enter the stage at
Chrome Nightclub. Prepare for a heavy overdose of progressive scandosounds!

Feb 10 - More Fun

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

I have many more on stock so I might put up an artsection
one of these days... Contributions welcome at nco@chaishop.com!

Healthy Food? - Part Of Your Day?

Feb 09 - Party

Necton live on stage!

On wednesday the 14th, Necton will play live at the one and only
psytrance club in Gothenburg, Chrome (AKA Sk?gatan)!
And quoting the swedish police : Clean or not, prepare to be busted :-)

Feb 02 - Comic

Recognize the feeling?

Had to share this great piece of psychedelic comic with you all!
For the non-swedish creatures, the heading translated says...

Stoned Again!

Feb 01 - Birth

Were you capable of thought before you remember thinking?

This day marks the beginning of a new era, the new Swedish Chaishop!
Starting off slowly, we expect to reach maximum speed in a couple of days.

Taking over where Mango finished, we will try to deliver the same quality content
once given by the tasty fruit, but with a fresh new scent!

You can always take a peek at our
international news page

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