Mental Floss @ Utrecht

Author: moreOn
Date: Jan 31, 2001
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Mental Floss @ Utrecht
written by: moreOn
(Jan 31, 2001)


Cosmic Circus presented: Mental Floss

DJ Wouter, Pierre Plastique, Saaf, Utrecht, fl15,-

Chill live PA Sonic Spunges, DJ Saaf

Well, just before getting on the train to Central Station, we were phoned by Saaf with an unpleasant announcement. However, it is one for the records and fun for stories afterwards. In the chill-out there were some Italiano guys having dinner in an improvised restaurant. That was the chill-out indeed. Thanks to the venue for telling the organizers so soon (when they arrived to decorate). Anyway, so far for Sonic Spunges, brought the gear back home and went on our ways after all.

In Utrecht, the club was easily found. It was just across the cellars where I had a Freeform party over year ago. At the entrance the bouncers weren`t really friendly, but firm and static. We soon found out why, the place really is a club as in "club". Inside, the cellar stretched in length, as usual with the "Werfkelders" at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. (Werfkelders are below streetlevel at the water) At the other end of the room a DJ-booth arose above dance-floor level. Parallel to the dance-floor there was a lounge-like room (OK, cellar) as big as the dance-floor Walking through these rooms felt familiar, a small notch of nostalgia took position in the center-left of my memories. The lounge-room held super comfortable seats. I was already happy with the party, although the organizers were still a bit pissed `cuz according to Murphy`s Law all went wrong. The lack of decoration was a result of this. The chill-room shift restaurant was a result of this. Etceteras etceteras with things happening backstage, but that`s gonna bore you. As you learn as an organizer though, you make the party happen and Cosmic Circus well, made the party happen.

When the party started, Pierre was playing some funky tunes and already he got the hang of it, so early in the night, without over-exaggerating the tempo and style. That we knew most of the tracks wasn`t his fault, but a taste-matter. I`d have spun many of these tunes if I was a DJ. Good selection hehe ;) The atmosphere was good as well. Incidentally the first groups of people entering were all familiar, but all of whom I hadn`t seen in a long time. Also some people who we were supposed to meet came in early. The vibe was set, we were going for it either way. Everyone knew by now what the organizers had gone through and everyone informed each-other. This caused a lack of different chat topics, but it was fun to see everyone`s empathy and `whatever-attitude`. A `whatever m8, location is cool, music rocks, people are cool, huge 4-star restaurant bathrooms, plenty of dancing space, let`s just friggin` go for it wihaaaa`-attitude, to be a lil` more specific.

Actually, I didn`t dream of it becoming such a brilliant party after-all, but many will confirm, this party rocked! You need to pay for such too, but hey, what is the problem? Entrance fee was cheap. If you think the drinks were too expensive, go to those royal bathrooms and have yourself some water. At nine out of ten mindfuck-parties they only sell salads and dry balls of, well, mother Earth I presume. Homemade (they should`t take "underground" so bloodfucking literally). And if they sell beer it`s usually the Dutch equivalent of Budweiser. Anyway, no barefooted dodo`s (outdoor events? anyone?) this time and a clean well-aired environment, something rarely found.

Next on was Wouter who played a wicked set. At times he was accompanied by Saaf and them together also played a wicked set. Grooooooveeey

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