Part I

Author: Danny
Date: Feb 12, 2001
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feb 12

Peyote: Part I

(a search for an spiritual experience)

Text: Danny

The peyote is a cactus and it has psychedelic properties, the alkaloid of this natural drug is called "mescaline". The mescaline is the principal active substance of the peyote and it can be found in some other cactus, this substance can be found in the north of Mexico where a lot of ethnic groups (like huicholes) base their religion or philosophy in the extraordinary power of this cactus. This ethnic groups have been practicing their magical rituals for many many years, each year they walk hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to get the magic cactus for spiritual purposes. This tribes are usually nomads who live in the north desert of Mexico and in the south desert of the USA (San Luis Potosi-Arizona).

There are basically 3 forms of taking peyote, the first one is eating the cactus (cutting from the ground and eating it) this is not very recommendable because it doesn

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