croatian earthdance 2001

4th global earthdance party project

Author: Marino Jurcan
Date: Nov 7, 2001
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This was the forth year we have joined global earthdance party project and
we( Metamedia) did it in Zagreb(croatian capitol) instead of Pula ( city we
come from) like we used to previous years.
The reasons were mostly of logistic nature why we move to Zagreb(cheaper
travelling expences, bigger city, more public, bigger club etc). I must say
that this year Earthdance was really big challenge for our underground
trance tribe which includes us from Pula( Metamedia) and ours suorganisers
for this year Humor Tumor Sekta and Mind factory from Zagreb and the club
Attack because of some inner problems within our tribe.
Mostly all problems were because of not enough communication between us in
preparing the party. A week before the party the
things seemed to be the worst beetween us. We realise that we could not
organise a proper earthdance party , which is project for peace if we do not
have peace within ourselves and within a tribe.Thats why we had a really big
meeting few days earlier and discussed about all this things.At the end of
meeting we realise like always that everybody want the best out of it and
that the biggest problem is not enough and streight comunnication, without
projections on others.
Our mission for 2001 was the Urban initiative. We wanted to collect some
money which we would use for releaseing the croatian Earthdance compilation
cd, with some new croatian artist on it. The compilation would be kind of
promotion for them and platform for future work, any money which would be
made from selling that compilation would be invested in a small A#V studio
we are building in Pula, which would also be free for young talents in our
The program on Saturday started with discussion/round table held by
sociologist B. Perasovic with themes like Techno;
underground/elitism?,protest/conformism??,movement/escapism?. There were
like 30 people attending the discussion, which was Ok but i expected more
discussion about croatian present situation not so much about history of the
underground techno movement in Croatia and paraleles with simmilar movements
in UK. Anyway we had really positive reactions from the public which were
like; finally something like this, this is great it is a first time that we
have a discussion about such things before the party etc, all together very
positive reactions.
During musical program we had on main(trance) floor Djs; Bushava Azbuka from
Macedonia( in macedonia is still war so that was one of the reasons why we
booked him and the other reason is that he is great dj and he prooved that
this time too.), Dj Ganesh (from Zagreb) and myself, Dj Marino. We also had
some 3d projections and animations projected on the wall which was really
great and fluoro decorations and instalations put by various people from our
The link up moment was great but I am not sure how many people knew what was
happening . This part was better last year .
On the breakbeat floor we had a live act Plasmatick playing and Dj Consumer.
I was too busy to check them out but I heard very positive opinions about
his live set(included live drummer and bass player)
and this floor was decorated even better (a bit warmer) than main floor. We
also had a
stand with free cofee and tea, and fresh fruits.
We had like 200 people attending the party , which means almost full club,
about 150 tickets sold. We were satisfied with the party and we all agreed
that it was the one of the best happening ever in this club.
Unfortunatly we did not collect any money for humanitarian purposes(just for
the expences) but we
gonna release that compilation anyway, so thats Ok too.
Alltogether very positive experience, beside the global aims of the project
we were all working on our local and internal peacfull solutions which
doesnt go without each other.

a report from partygoer(Branko);
We arrived 5 minutes to midnight. Ganesh was playing. He was slower than
we were used to, but he was interesting. He wasn't boring and tiresome
like slower psy-trance can be, but just right.

Marino followed him. He was faster than usual. Hmm... Something
obviously got messed up... :) He was ok also.

Plazmatick live-act and drum'n'bass were being played on the chill
floor. Plazmatick needs more practice with backing instruments cause
there were some mistakes :) I didn't stay there for long cause it was
too crowded.

Bushava Azbuka started his set with a great track. I don't know which
song was it. It had guitars... After that he went in to minimal
psy-tekk, so Saric and me went to the car for some '97 production
(Planet B.E.N., MWNN, AP...) just for some nostalgia... Some fancy guys came
and asked: "Oi, is it goa? What year
is this from?"
Sharich: "Eh?!" tilt. "Well... '97..."
(fancy guy): "That's music!!!"
Sharich was beside himself from shock, he just sat there with his mouth
open and big TILT lights blinking in his head :)

When we came back inside, Azbuka was playing psy-trance. Good psy, but
his mixing technique needs some work...

And so on till 5am, when we left.

It was crowded in Attack this time. There were techno-squirels and crews
you normaly don't see there. It was probably from all the posters all
over the town... hmmm... Not so much advertisment next time :)

Fruits, coffe and tea were served. Free. Tee was bitter. The I put some
milk and sugar in, as instructed :) Good tea. This would be welcome at
future partys... :)

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