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Author: Wolfgang Sterneck
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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2. Open Air Sommercamp in Tamera in Portugal
Open Air Summer University
6th - 17th August 2001
Female Knowledge for Peace and the Healing Biotopes Project
Peace Camp and Political Retreat in Tamera, Portugal

Is there a realistic concept for an end to the violence on Earth?

This question is meant seriously. Faced with the global escalation of
violence and destruction we should act swiftly while there is still room to
introduce developments for a global peace. If those of us whose hearts long
for this new opportunity for peace come together in a place far from the
indifference and hustle and bustle of the big city and if we use this break
from the usual habits of consumerism and continual distractions to live a
simple lifestyle and concentrate on the essentials, then we should find a
deep interconnectedness which will give rise to the new decisions.

We invite you to a Political Retreat. It will take place in the emerging
Healing Biotope 1 Tamera - a planetary futurist settlement for a new global
culture of peace. The Summer University is also the meeting point for a new
"Movement for a Free Earth" and this year has as its central theme "Female
Knowledge for Peace".

The subjects:
- The establishment of the network "Movement for a Free Earth".
- New professions in the establishment of a global peace culture.
- Love's power to survive.
- Planetary centres and communities.
- Eros and Healing.
- Youth Day - the Youth School for Global Learning.
- Animals Day - Co-operation with Nature's beings.
- Actions against the exploitation of animals.
- Earth Day - Geomancy and healing the Earth. The Earth as an organism.
- The formation of a women's peace ring for conflict resolution in crisis

Further speakers:
Maria Mangte, representative of India's native peoples,
Advaita Maria Bach, sexual therapist,
Gill Emslie, spiritual director at Findhorn, conflict resolution worker in
Gloria Cuartas, Peace Mayor from Colombia,
Eluan Ghazal, philosopher and belly-dancer,
Laura Livoti, eco-feminist, peace journalist, California,
Judith Keshet, Bat Shalom women's peace group, Israel,
Sarah Hasse, Transexuality in Different Cultures,
Barbara Rütting, author, animal rights activist (participation promised),
Tü!Tü!, peace pilgrim, "Giver" movement,
Wam Kat, Balkan Sunflowers,
Hans de Boer, preacher, peace activist, witness of history,
Manitonquat, story-teller, spiritual leader of the Wampanoag First People,

plus representatives of various networks, futurist projects and liberation

Special Event:
Concert and Satsang with Nina Hagen

Further Information: We will have a very simple, elementary lifestyle,
enabling us to concentrate on the essentials. This also applies to the
catering; meals will be in the main vegan. There will be a programme of
speeches, discussion groups, meditations and possibilities for practical
work. Some speakers will offer seminars. Participants can present their
projects in the "Market of Possibilities". The participation fee, including
food and accommodation, is 1100 DEM. We especially welcome participants up
to 25 years of age, for whom the fee is 400 DEM.

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