Brazilian Trance Szene

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Author: Scott Fair
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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For all - the trance scene is relatively new and very fresh here - it´s great! The parties first began here 6-7 years ago with, of course, only a few people.
Milton, Michele, Celso, Reik, Krunchi are a few I have met or heard about that have been at it since the beginning.
It only got somewhat popular 1-2 years ago. Live acts are just beginning, deco is simple, chill-out areas sometimes appear.

The people party full-on and are generally in a
super-positive vibe. The coke scene is too strong sometimes and it partially fucks things, though - I saw the first real fight at a trance party last weekend - and a strong one. THey (two groups)were really trying to kill each other. It was cool that they turned off the music and everyone boo-ed the happening away.

There are too many beautiful places with beaches or waterfalls for the police to be much of a problem.
The parties happen in Sao Paolo, Trencosa, Belo Horizonte, and Brasille (the new capital of Brasil).
The people drive all over this huge country to dance and be together - already I see people I know from the north to the south at different parties.

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