Israel Report 2000

Author: DJ Boris
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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this is DJ Borris form Israel’s Electronic music and Culture magazine
The events of the last three months In Israel have greatly disturbed us but
they have been unable to undermine our pursuit for peace through Dance. We
ask all of you to join our prayer for Peace in our region as this is the
most important this to us at the moment.
All together this has been quite a good year for trance in Israel.
Infrastructures that were destroyed by the brutal police raids during
1998-99 have started to rebuild themselves, more small outdoor parties were
thrown, the partygoers have started to regain their trust in Trance and the
police have been seeming to be a bit more lax. during the beginning of 2000
psy trance has started seeping into the Bigger clubs and you could hear
trance being played in the smaller rooms of the clubs quite regularly and
occasionally on the main stage as well. Production wise this has been quite
a fertile year with new albums by Space Cat, BLT, Infected Mushroom Future
Prophecy and Sandman That pushed the boundaries of the Israeli sound even
further. Compilations by Hommega (Eyal and Xerox), BNE and MDMA (Dede and
Micha) crews Brought new sounds to the Israeli awareness. and DJ Sets from
DJ Yaniv DJ Gidi DJ’s Dede and Micha and Mark Allen and Goa Gill being
released by Local labels. Avatar records have expanded their activity and
Released 2 albums by Asia 2001 and Toi Doi. USTA (formerly known as Krembo)
under the leadership of DJ Zoo-B and A&R by DJ O-Fear have released debut CD
to three Artists: Bonky + FOL Kailum and Brain Bubbles as well as a bunch of
singles. MDMT (MDMA’s Sub label) have also released their debut vinyl’s and
Yaniv (Through Baloonia) Kept the world of records updated on the events of
the Israeli Full on Sound. A very good debut Album was released by newcoming
Producers Skazi on their own label Shaffel records. The Old time Goa
Veterans California Sunshine (DJ Miko and Har-ell) and Astral Projection
have also featured new releases this year.
This has also been a very good year for the Israeli mission abroad with Dark
Soho releasing their debut album on Sphere records from the UK, Israeli
producers provided half of the Tsunami CD from the American label Kinetic
and Analog Pussy have redefined their sound through the help of Yaniv and
Hadshot haheizar. And with DJ’s and producers from Israel such as Oforia,
Goblin, Xreox, DJ Gidi, Infected Mushroom and Space Cat traveling further
and further to bring the Israeli sound to Goa and Psy freaks around the
A steady line of quality progressive trance has emerged from the Underground
Dinamo Dvash club through cooperation with USTA that brought the cream of
the current updated sound from Europe to Israel and the Local more full on
sounds have been flourishing As well through OmaComa, with some of the best
club parties this year, and the Two Big and Nadi Team that did the BEST
outdoor raves out in the Desert. smaller parties have started reemerging as
well and the summer time was quite busy here.
One of the Years best events has been a three day party cruise for 600
People on the Mediterranean that blew everyone on it away. this has also
shown that the progressive-Swedish sound as some of the most hard rocking
minimal sets on the cruise were delivered by Noma and SRange but this was
balanced for the Israeli ear by Sets form Oforia, DJ Lestat and DJ Mael of
3D-Vision. other DJ’s that played on the cruise were Sun-Shy form USTA, Gidi
Hovek Olam, Boxer from Dark Soho, Auspexx 66 DJ Nadi and Yours truly DJ
Hope to see you next year in Israel.

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