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Date: Jul 1, 2001
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Chaishop Label of the month July 2001 - Interview / Music / Info


Jul 1, 2001

Chaishop Label of the Month July 2001

Starting as a cd compilation label Insolation Records from Germany did it the "other way round" as most other labels and is now coming up with interesting artist albums and a different compilation series. Releases are getting better and better and so it's definitely time to check this guys out...

Insolation has been founded early in 1998 by Claus Mueller and me, Dennis Wollnik. Initially we devoted ourselves exclusively to the release of compilations (Psychedelic Demons I & II, The Flower Of Life, …). Due to interesting contacts we, then, decided to offer a platform to gifted artists whom we are not only bound up with in business but also as friends. Following some 12” vinyl releases the first CD albums by Akanoid and C.O.N.Sequencer feat. Milk (sub-project of McCoy from S.U.N. Project) have been published last year, recently followed by the current work of the Akasha Project. At the same time the compilation series Psychedelic Gate has been initiated in cooperation with DJ Moonchild who meanwhile strengthens our team as a permanent member of the staff. The third volume has been released right now. For this year new albums by Sphere (project of Akanoid together with Linus Wessel of Tarsis), Sediment 4 and C.O.N.Sequencer feat. Milk and Puls are planned in addition to further maxi releases (i. a. by Akanoid, Grenzfrequenz, Prototype, Asarualim and Akasha Project) and various compilations on our sublabels Psysolation and Outsolation (Sun Tribe 2, Guitars On Mushroom 2, Spirit Of Ankh 2…). However, the various Insolation releases do not really meet in a homogeneous music style, but in the common spirit of the intersection of psychedelic and progressive trance: being progressive and modern in the essence of the technical realization of the production they also testify to psychedelic atmosphere and emotional expressiveness in their own unmistakable way. The basic influences are multifarious because – similar to us – most of our artists look back on a past in other music areas and still draw inspiration from various sources (after having been infected by the Psy Trance virus). Refering to our releases we, therefore, do not only attach great importance to the functionality on the dancefloor, but also to the general hearing benefit making possible to experience various states of mood – faithfully the slogan “without darkness no light”. With our forthcoming label and release parties every visitor may strongly check out for himself…

Dennis Wollnik

Dennis Claus Moonchild


Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to Dennis of Insolation Records talking about trance in Germany, progressive, psychedelic and gothic music, dresscode on parties and their artists and upcoming releases. Interview by

Complete Interview 37 min.




Check some music of Insolation's artists below!

Release Artist Track
Best Off Album Akanoid Alan's Future
12'' Dawn Burning Akanoid Burning
Always Album Akasha Project Shining Velvet
When Gods make Love Album C.O.N. Sequencer Cocaine Speaking
12'' Balance & Sun Tribe 2 V.A. C.O.N. Sequencer Never Die
Psychedelic Gate 3 V.A. Grenzfrequenz Kinder der Nacht
12'' Freax Puls Freax
12'' Partycoolar Sediment 4 Kennen Sie Trance
12'' Symbiont Sphere Angela's Anger
12'' Symbiont & Sun Tribe 2 V.A. Sphere Symbiont
Rotation Album Sphere Check Release Info
Echoes Album C.O.N.Sequencer feat. Milque Check Release Info

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Mr. Dennis Wollnik
Vogteistr. 15
50670 Köln



Tel. +49 / (0) 221 / 9123357
Fax +49 / (0) 221 / 9123358

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