Author: Upavas
Date: May 24, 2001
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may 24, 2001

DJ Upavas

My Name is Dj Upavas. I am 31 years old. I started spinning sound not too long ago. I came across this music in Goa in 1986 and loved it ever since. I like to play a mix of sound, heavvy as well as easy morning trance. But it always has to be groovy groovy groovy!!! My favorite sounds include Tristan, Xerox and Freeman, Distortion Orchestra, Orion but also Toi Doi and stuff like Parasence... I live in beautiful Hawaii now and my next gig will be on a sun-eclipse party in Maui on the 21 of June. Next Winter I will go to New Zealand for some Gigs...Right now I study Radio Broadcasting, with the goal to bring good sound into the radio over here. Aloha, Upavas

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