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The new indian uprise!

Author: Divyan Salotra
Date: Oct 29, 2007
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‘Actions speak louder than words - we speak louder than actions.’

The Indian Psy-trance scenario offers yet another platform for producers around the globe to exemplify their talent – Samsara Recordings (New Delhi). Even though experienced musicians would undoubtedly term the current era ‘extremely difficult’ for any label to survive- Samsara seems to take up the challenge quite willingly. This is not the only distinguishing factor of the label; its philosophy and conceptualization make it quite unique. As the visual artists and editors at declare:

Samsara is -
“The cycle of reincarnation. The resurrection of an entity. The development of a mark. The substantiation of immeasurable desire. Abstract, yet so concrete. A new world order - where hedonistic values conquer logical reason. An ode to all genres of psytrance. The great revolving door that transcends heaven through hell .”

The declaration has captured quite a large audience and directed it toward the first release - `VA Samsara´. Along with high budget track list, the articulate artwork has been profoundly admired – the reason for the compilation to be termed an ‘instant success’. It features some of the biggest names in the industry such as ‘Dark Elf’, ‘Inner Sound’, Para Halu, Jellyheadz, Orestis, Blisargon Demogorgon, Gorump Peyya in addition to the blossoming talent of White Wizard. The label aims to release all varieties of psytrance while laying stress on dark music. Rumors regarding the artist pool of Samsara seem to have hit the market in a big way.

To cut a long story short- another brilliant podium for artists worldwide to prove their musical acumen.

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