Founder of Triplag Music in mini- interview

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 25, 2007
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Interview with FungusOK from Triplag Music

01 What was your gig- highlight?

I do not think i have one yet. But from what I have recently - it has
to be club night in Brighton UK - Triplag Music meets Liquid Record

02 Please tell one really curious incident!

I was travelling back to Dublin after 3 days Nature Grow festival in
Warsaw. I though I looked decent enough but Polish custom officer
refused to recognise me by the picture in the passport.

03 What was your worst fuckup?

Once at the party I accidentally I pressed eject button on CD-Deck
that was playing to the audience. It was the peak track of the set and
whole crowd was going mental... and boom... no sound.

04 Your most successful production?

Triplag Music record label

05 What about your personal technical development?

I do not produce... as for DJ skills -- I keep them oiled.

06 Your favourite festival?

Do not have one yet.

07 Your biggest influences?

Psy trance music wise has to be original/old Parasense.

08 Best remix done for you?


09 Very important moments in your musical history?

Playing bass guitar in death metal and grunge bands for 8 years
Starting Triplag webradio projet
Starting Triplag Music record label

10 What was your biggest compliment?

That people call Triplag a family and
i guess it is a recognition of Triplag as one of the important darkpsy
comunity and projects

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