Prahlad - Movements Of Consciousness

Album review by Philip Assarson

Author: Philip Assarson
Date: Oct 24, 2007
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Date: 24.10.2007
Text: Philip Assarson

A debut album is always a big thing. For the releasing artist of course but not least the listener who gets a firsthand opinion on the artists sound and, -call it the trademark of skill.
You can listen to several tracks from a artist but it is not until it´s released in a full length album you can really say that this is the artists distinct sound. That is if it isn’t a multifaceted artist that always changes his path. And whose every footprint makes new groundbreaking quantum leaps musically.
Pralads sound is at first glance an old-school soundscape with a instrumental choice that work very good together. And it sends out some moderate Goa-Trance-Vibes, a fresh composition of psychedelic flow and melodies with a full-on energy. The influences are nicely integrated from both eastern to western musical cultures. This is a album that not one track misses commitment. All ten tracks are really nice but as always my feelings find the one track that supports the final star speckled point.
Track no#9 – Ravers for Life is a 130BPM progressive Trance track. Building a old-School sound from instruments dated a´ 1987 to 97 is a great effort. A electro/techno sound with sweaping synthesizers and low tech beat. Suggestive darkness and moderate depressive with a fat climax build-up at the 4/5 into the song that brings it into the next mix. This is a guaranteed song in my Progressive sets, trust me.
And I must mention the following:
Track no#10 – Sundram is a Chilled Ambient track on the rocks. “Stirred not shaken”. It’s a glimpse of what to come from Pralads next album. Yes! -which is set to be a AMBIENT album. Lovely strings and guitars with sweeping pianos and mantras and ethereal vocals escape the speakers with a license to chill is the best way to describe it ;-)
Pralad deserves a warm hug of gratitude. I am grateful.

7 glowing stars of pure consciousness for Pralad

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