Author: Ralle
Date: Sep 3, 2001
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dj-name: Ralle

city: Halle (Saale)

age: 24

dj since: 1995

Psychedelic-Trance, Morning-Trance, Progressive-Trance, Techno, Chillout, Lounge, Ambient, Down-Beat

-he began his work as a dj with hip-hop
-his next part was the synthesizer-music from the 80's
-now he works with records of many different electronic-music-styles
-he is open to new influences
-always his sets are full of energy
-special highlights are his psychedelic-trance-and chillout-sets

- works in two projects: sehnsedahastes, insulin production
- decoration-art (skulptures, paintings, projections and much more)
- booking (dj's, liveacts, graffiti-acts, breakdance-acts, …)
- party-organisation
- radio-show with sehnsedahastes at the free radio-station "radio corax"

some gigs:
Genlisea_Gig [Halle]
Traumflug_Reaktor [Merseburg]
The Fadhama Projekt_Kassablanca [Jena]
Temple Of Bodh Gaya_G-Punkt [Merseburg]
Sommertanz Open Air [Blösien]
Let-Love-Rule Open Air [near Hagenow]
Nuctemeron [Leipzig]
Hokus Pokus 1 Open Air [near Halle]
Zang Do Palri Psychedelic Camp [Glöwen]
Cowaloa Open Air [Nausnitz]
Ton Aus Strom 4 [Halle]
Shamanic Dimensions [Dresden]
Psychedelic Velvet_Velvet [Leipzig]
Waschmaschine_B.-Club [Halle]
Chillout Breakfast_Backstage [Halle]
PsyOm_Reaktor [Merseburg]
Hal-Ucination 5_Altes Fabrikgelände [Halle]
Ohrgasmus Festival [Coswig]
Hal-Ucination Club Tour_Easy Schorre [Halle]
Soned_B.-Club [Halle]
Hokus Pokus 2 Open Air [near Halle]
Fusion Festival [near Mirow]
Klänge des Waldes Open Air [near Hagenow]
Wonderland Open Air_Waldfrieden [near Osnabrück]
Aue Festival [near Leipzig]
Distillery [Leipzig]
Radio Corax Night_Moritzbastei [Leipzig]
Shoom Club @ Soleil [Dortmund]
Elektromat [Leipzig]
WakeUp @ Club Diverse [Gouda_Netherlands]
Reilstrasse 78 [Halle]
Cafe NÖ [Halle]
Waschmaschine_Radioshow [Halle]
Die Insel [Berlin]
PsyOm 2 [Feha Factory_Halle]
Äther Club [Chemnitz]
Time Switch 3 [Nalanda_Frankfurt/Main]
DJ Records Night [SAX Club_Dölzig]
Opening-Triebwerk [Tinitus_Dresden]
Zwöö Klub [Halle]
Millenium Hippies [Jamel-Phantasy_near Rottweil]
Waldfrieden on Tour [Boge Factory_Bielefeld]
Freiraumnetzwerk-Party [Traxx Club_Hamburg]
Sternstunden [old Factory_Halle]
Fusion Festival 2002 [U-Site_near Mirow]

next gigs:
26.-28.07.2002 Auerworld Open Air (Auerstedt)
03.08.2002 Triebwerk (Tinitus_Dresden)
03.08.2002 Agora - Electronic Music Festival (Partysan_bei Bitterfeld)
09.-11.08.2002 Sommerzauber Open Air (Extrasinn_Wasserburg Geretzhoven)
23.-25.08.2002 Wonderland Open Air (Waldfrieden_bei Stemwede)


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