Swedish psytrance with Laugh and Dance

Interview with S.o.L of Laugh and Dance Records

Author: Sam
Date: Jun 22, 2007
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Date: 22.06.2007
Text: Katja

Sam: I’m talking here with Mathias from Laugh and Dance Records from Sweden.
Hey Mathias how are you doing?

Mathias: Its fine, I just got back from work so it’s good.

Sam: I heard there is snow now in Sweden?

Mathias: Yes in some parts but not here. It is more in the northern parts. We just had a lovely week. 30°C!

Sam: So there is summer in the south and winter in the north.

Mathias: Yeah, great isn’t it?

Sam: Yes that’s something (laughter)
All right, so laugh and dance is a record label but you also produce parties right?

Mathias: Yes both. Some of us are also djing and producing music but we started of as a party event group and then we got into the record label.

Sam: So you’re a bunch of people cooperating and bringing the psychedelic music to Sweden of what?

Mathias: Yes we are four people in the central part of the organisation and then other people connected to it, so we are doing this to bring it to more people because it is not a big scene in this country.

Sam: So what do you think comes first; laughing or dancing?

Mathias: I think we need both pretty much! (giggling)

Sam: Is your label or party oragisation on the more sunny side of trance?

Mathias: Yes it is. Its \"happy full on\" but we also have some electro djs that plays more into the melodic style I would say.

Sam: All right, so you have different styles and people also playing electro!

Mathias: Yes!

Sam: Ok. How is a typical Laugh and Dance party? From the line up and stuff?

Mathias: We had Perplex and Ananda Shake the last time a couple of weeks ago. We also had Ultra Voice and Tikal. So it’s a good and classy full on.

Sam: But you also play electro on your parties?!

Mathias: We like to mix, so it’s not full on the whole party. We like to start up with some electro and then we move over to the faster trace.

Sam: Okay, that’s nice. So you produce parties in what size and surroundings? Like in clubs and open air?

Mathias: It’s more club style. So I think it would be around 400 people, something like that.

Sam: That is a nice size.

Mathias: It’s about this size you can get. As I said before, it’s a small scene.

Sam: Aha! Where are you based?

Mathias: In Gothenburg. Western part of Sweden.

Sam: Okay, so you don’t produce open-air parties then?

Mathias: Some smaller but they are more for friends and when the weather is good, which you never know when you are in this country.

Sam: And it is also not easy with the police situation?

Mathias: No!

Sam: There was a party getting busted like a couple of weeks ago or what was that?

Mathias: Yes it was on one of the biggest \"underground\" parties in Sweden. It was the 7th year this year. It was good for a Sweden party: 1500 people and outdoors. The police came but they didn’t close down the party. So you could live with that.

Sam: So it was a normal situation then?

Mathias: Yes!

Sam: Alright (laughter)
Your label focuses on psy trance and I think that’s quite unusual for Sweden isn’t it?

Mathias: Yes it is and it is also a little bit what we wanted. You know, Sweden is mostly famous for its progressive trance and we wanted to connect all the people that are inspired by the Israeli music mainly. And also producers because the progressive producers already have their network and they know each other but the upcoming full on producer don’t.

Sam: All right. So there is a lot of promising full on producers in Sweden then?

Mathias: Yes there is and I also think that if they start to communicate and exchange knowledge, it will be better for everyone.

Sam: That’s cool!
You have a new compilation and that’s your first compilation isn´t it?

Mathias: Yes! Hopefully we will have some more soon.

Sam: You have there: Electroscape, Perplex vs. Tactic Minds, Mojo Jojo, Trinodia, Ananda Shake, S.O.L which is you, huh? Didrapest and Penta Rei and Rapid Evolution. So what is this? Is it like 50% Swedes and 50% international or?

Mathias: Something like that yes. There are some Israelis as you probably recognize but also some older and newer Swedish acts.

Sam: So what’s your message with this compilation?

Mathias: I guess it is like I said before: we are trying to bring forward that we actually have Swedish music in this genre. And also that some of the tracks are inspired by pure Israeli style but also inspiration from other styles. I think its good.

Sam: Cool! So you’re planning more to come.

Mathias: Yes hopefully. Both compilations and albums. There are lots of artists that have been contacting us. But everything takes time (laughter)

Sam: So there is something in the pipeline already?

Mathias: Yeah!

Sam: What’s that?

Mathias: Mixed Emotions from Israel and also me and Trinodia are working on albums. We hope to give them out as soon as possible.

Sam: Ok very cool. A couple of more words on the parties in Sweden. What’s the best party in Sweden?

Mathias: Indoor or outdoors?

Sam: Maybe let´s name both! (Laughter)

Mathias: Well, indoor I have to say that our parties are outstanding of course (laughter) and outdoor I would go to \"Trolltyg\". That is the party that was just weeks ago. It’s very good and lots of people are coming.

Sam: Trolltyg! (Sam tries to pronounce Trolltyg on Swedish...)

Mathias: Ha ha ha Yeah I don’t know about the translation but it has to do with Ogres.

Sam: Yes (laughter) nice one!

Mathias: Its cool because they almost always have good weather also. Lucky with the weather.

Sam: Yeah they are connected with the Trolls!

Mathias: Yes! (Laughter)

Sam: And what’s the best party for Swedes outside of Sweden?

Mathias: Well lots of people are visiting northern Germany. Like VooV, Fullmoon Party and stuff like that but I think they started visit other festivals first, like Boom and No Mans Land in Hungary.

Sam: And you?

Mathias: I enjoy the smaller festivals. Like Excalibur in the northern parts of Germany. It depends.. of course. It also depends from year to year. You know, you have to have luck with the weather and the people you are travelling with.

Sam: Ok cool. Mathias I have asked my questions. I don’t know if you have anything to add?

Mathias: No I think its all cool!

Sam: Then I wish you good luck with your label and of course also with your party organisation.

Mathias: Thank you very much!

Sam: And bring some psychedelic sounds to Sweden!

Mathias: (Laughter) Yes we will!

Sam: Bye bye!

Mathias: Bye, take care!


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