Kiwa- On The Frequency

Rewieved by Dj Ken1 (Tribalism)

Author: Ken1
Date: Apr 3, 2007
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Date: 03.04.2007
Text: Kenneth Kenuna

Kiwa is the creation of Markku Louhio and Matti Elsinen from Finland. Their third album is a psychedelic trance album with influences from techno, trance and progressive.

Check out the percussive and progressive techno number ”Access”. A killer track with driving percussions, funky progressive chords, trippy fx and heavyweight basslines. This track makes the crowd go mental everytime I play it out. Massive.

Unfortunately after that they move into more psychedelic tech-trance and only a few tracks is catching my interest.

Although I must say the album is worth buying for “access” only. That tune is a must have for all serious progressive and tech-house deejays out there. Check it out..

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