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Author: Sam
Date: Mar 22, 2007
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Date: 22.03.2007
Text: Katja Turpeinen

Sam: Give us a short introduction about Sirius Isness?

Max: Well let’s see, we got together in the year 2000 and started Sirius Isness after I was involved in a project called Biodegradable …

Sam: Biodegradable was together with Sammy of CPU?

Max: Yes with Sammy and Mekkanikka. So we were three at that time. In 2000 we made this album “Phaser” and then we split up. All three of us made our own band and we made Sirius Isness. Here we are now. In 2003 we released our first track as Sirius Isness.

Davina: Then we moved to Mexico and produced our first album “Resolution of Duality”. So the first album came out and everything went good so we went to Europe to make our second album “Breaking the matrix” which came out a year after. Then we did a lot of collaborations with other artists.

Sam: So you where living in Mexico at that time?

Max: Yeah we were living there for 1,5 years. First in Mexico City and then we moved to a place called Tepoztlan which is in the mountains of Mexico, like 1 hour from Mexico City. It’s a really nice place with a pyramid and everything…

Sam: You’re a couple. How is it if you are together and at the same time you’re producing music and you spend both your working time and your free time together.

Davina: Yeah for sure we’re together 24h every day. We had one studio when we made the first two albums so we were very close-close. So now we decided to make two studios, each of us has his own studio so we can make two tracks in a week. When one track is finished we collaborate to complete the work of the other one. We spend a lot of time together but we love each other!

Max: I like the fact that I can say that my girlfriend can make a killer baseline! (everybody laughs)

Sam: What is your musical background?

Davina: I used to be a sports teacher before, teaching Aerobics & Fitness. When I was doing Fullon Aerobics I was playing techno to teach my classes. So it’s the same with playing at parties and teaching Aerobics: You make people dance the way you want!

Sam: Do you still do Aerobic?

Davina: Yeah, on the stage! (everybody laughs)

Sam: You travel a lot. Now you have a tour coming up. You’re playing in what countries…?

Max: Tomorrow in Israel, we come back to go to Brasil right-away. And then we have Japan, South Africa and we play in Earthcore in Australia. Then we come back, go to UK, go to Austria and go back to Austria for new years. We play pretty much every weekend until the end of the year.

Sam: Is this your life, travelling and making music in-between?

Davina: Yeah let’s say the grand time in the studio we do MSN! (everybody laughs)

Sam: Do you find enough peace and time to produce while travelling or do you prefer to produce at home?

Davina: When we’re back at home. If we’re making music on the road then it’s usually because we meet a friend that has a studio

Max: But then we usually take the track back home to finish it.

Sam: Your favourite country to play?

Max & Davina: Brasil!
Davina: In Europe it would be Portugal, Portugal is a very psychedelic country.

Sam: Now you have a new album coming our on Phantasm Records called “Trance Fusion\"

Davina: Yeah exactly. The album is finished and will be coming out on November 26 and two weeks after we will also put out a compilation, also for Phantasm. It’s called “Mind your own Isness” and it’s to be released by December 6.

Max: The album is the third one and we wanted to have a wider audience. The album is pretty morning vibe, there are lots of melodies. It goes through a lot of changes also; all the tracks are a bit different. There’s still the Sirius Isness sound of course but we also tried something new and we hope that people will like it!

Sam: Anything else?

Max: Stay cool, have fun, go to our parties. Lots of love to everybody and everybody just be himself!

Sam: You want to add anything Davina?

Davina: I would just say the same… (everybody laugs)

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