Chaishop Music News 050

Author: cmn
Date: Jan 24, 2007
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The latest releases, Omnimotion in Interview and Intelabeam (Hommega) with a special LIVE performance

Date: Jan 24, 2007
Text: mikadho

Chaishop Music News 050

Chaishop Music News presents you the latest releases in psychedelic, progressive and chillout trance weekly from Hamburg, Germany.

This show is being presented by DJ + Dj Mikadho. It features an interview with Omnimotion from Sweden. He is telling more about his project, his past and future.

After the show we got a Live Set of Intelabeam from Israel. They gonna play many tracks from their upcoming Album on Hommega.

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  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • 12“: Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane (Album Mix) (YoYo/BNE)
  • Album: No Time to be Sick – Organ Flow – Are we Clones (Woodroom rec.)
  • Album: Dream Wide Awake - Omnimotion – Japan (Aleph Zero)
  • Interview: Omnimotion (Aleph Zero)
  • Album: Dream Wide Awake - Omnimotion – Days of Silence (feat. Aleah) (Aleph Zero)
  • Album: Once Upon a Time – Side Liner - Esoteric Peace (Cosmicleaf rec.)
  • Compilation: Global Slowdown – Red Eye Express - Vin Del Mar (Tempest rec.)
  • Album: Once Upon a Time – Side Liner - Once Upon A Time (Cosmicleaf rec.)
  • Album: Mastura - Master Margherita – Paix (Electrik Dream)
  • Compilation: Global Slowdown – Stickleback - Jilted (Tempest rec.)
  • Album: Mastura - Master Margherita vs Flooting Grooves - Ombra (Electrik Dream)
  • Album: Waking up is hard to do - Rip van Hippy - Dumbeka

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