Chaishop Music News 042

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Date: Nov 10, 2006
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1-Year Anniversary Show presented by Mikadho and Ace Ventura in Interview.

Date: Nov 10, 2006

Chaishop Music News 042

Chaishop Music News presents you the latest releases in psychedelic, progressive and chillout trance weekly from Hamburg, Germany.

This show is a special 1-Year Chaishop Music News Anniversary Show presented by DJ Mikadho and DJ It features an interview with Ace Ventura (Iboga / Hommega Records).

After the show we got a special full-on back to back dj set of DJ Mikadho and DJ, recorded right after the show at Chaishop studios, Hamburg.

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  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • Compilation: Loud & Clear - Mahamudra vs. Dan Label - Electro Something (Utopia)
  • Album: Play with my mind - Melicia - Discoteque (rmx) (Phonokol)
  • Compilation: Loud & Clear - Ananda Shake - Slowly & Funny (Utopia)
  • Album: Play with my mind - Melicia - Envelope (live mix) (Phonokol)
  • Interview: Ace Ventura (Iboga/Hommega)
  • Compilation: New Order - Freq - The moon & the earth (Hommega)
  • Album: Changing Frames - Echotek - Forever Nights (YoYo)
  • Compilation: New Order - Emok vs. NDSA - Harbour Candy (Hommega)
  • Compilation: New Order - Wrecked Machines vs. V.O.R. - Subtle Flavour (Hommega)
  • Compilation: Fahrenheit Project 6 - Synch 24 - DOT (Ultimae)
  • Compilation: Fahrenheit Project 6 - Sundial - Together, we are... (Ultimae)
  • Album: Shhhh - Quietman - Celestial Body (Platipus)

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