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Date: Aug 12, 2006
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Date: Aug 12, 2006

This year we installed a flickr photo group to enable all photographers to upload their own photos to the Boom Photo Gallery and thus create one big network of Boom impressions!

How to view Photos:
- Connect to . Here you can browse the current photos of the group

How to participate:
- Sign in to you flickr account or create a free account
- Search for the Boom Group (Groups / Search for a Group / \"Boom\")
- Select the \"Boom 06 - Festival Impressions\" Group - Click on \"Join this Group\"
- Upload your photos (You / Upload Photos)
- After uploading your photo you need to add it to the Group. Go to \"Organise / Most recent photos\", Click \"Send to Group\", Select the \"Boom 06 - Festival Impressions\" Group
- Your photos are now part of the Boom Photo Gallery

Looking forward for a massive network of Boom impressions!

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