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Date: Jun 22, 2006
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1 – Hello, how are you guys?

R) Hello, we are very well, thank you, loaded with many stuff`s and happy.

2 – Tell us more about Quark Agency, how it works, who are the people involved.

R) Quark Agency is the first Portuguese management agency directed to the trance scene and it\'s different presentations. The agency as been founded in June 2005 and is composed by a team of people with experience in enterprise and artists management and events promotions. We provide a easy and simple channel of communication between events promoters, labels and artists around the World, with the sole purpose of providing the best artists and solutions to psy trance events.

3 – You have been one of the primary elements in the Portugal trance scene since 6 years ago, can you tell us a bit how it increased or decreased?

R) We don’t consider ourselves a primary element of the trance scene in Portugal since six years ago, we like to contribute with everything we can to help people, can be a promoter, dj or producer, if people are nice and have good intentions we help.

The agency grew a lot in the last twelve months, we felt the need to expand beyond our borders, currently we have collaborations with records labels and freelancer producers and dj`s worlwide. With this expansion we do not only intend to increase the chance to fix more shows for our partners, as also to create a core of people that it keeps in permanent contact with the purpose to provide information’s or even though to alert for situations that can harm our partners.

4 – You have been worked in party organization, djing, producing and now running a booking agency, what lead you to this new idea?

R) The psychedelic market in Portugal is big, many new promoters are emerging, there are many people interested in music production and djing, but 80% of them don’t have a clue how to produce an event or how to promote their careers, so we felt a lack of support to this people and also to the artists, even if they are foreign.

Outside, the credibility of 70% of the Portuguese promoters is not the best, many international and Portuguese artists sometimes don’t get paid or parties are canceled without a warning, there is sometimes a use and abuse of the artist’s names, fake bookings, and many more situations. There are a few promoters you can trust and close a gig in a professional away, those are our main reason to open Quark Agency, to contribute in a professional way, like it happens in other musical styles.

5 – What can expect from you any Quark Agency artist and what are your “asking” for him?

R) They found on Quark Agency a group of people with experience in several areas like marketing, events promotion and consulting. We use our contacts in several areas to increase the success of a booking or to increase the success of an event made by a promoter who might be working with us. From the artists we don’t ask anything special, only a professional attitude.

6 – Can you tell us what artists and labels are working with you by now?

R) We are working with artists from B.N.E., Utopia Records, Oxygen Records, Tribal Vision, MP Records, Peak Records, Moonstone Records, Shivlink Records, Neurobiotic Records, Fungi Records, Planet BEN Records, Vision Quest, Noise Poison Records, Echoes Records, Liquid Records, Phonokol Records, Artfreaktion, Spectral Records, Sin Records, Chaishop.com. More labels are interested to work with us, let’s see how it goes now on. We also have artists in freelancing regime.

7 – If I want to book some Quark Agency artist, what I have to do?

R) Simple, you approach the agency, tell us which artist or dj you want to book and we take care of the process. Before we give the ok to any client, we must consult the labels or the artists to check for availability and how it will be processed.

8 – Thank you for the interview, please leave the agency contacts.

R) We thank you for this interview, and wish to all the Chaishop.com tribe a wonderfull Summer season, the contacts are:

General infos:

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