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Author: Tripy
Date: Jun 16, 2006
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Charlie aka Tripy

Location: Originally from the mediteranean island of MALTA but recently relocated to Sydney

Age: 29

Background: My strong connection to music was apparent from the age of 10 when I could often be found playing with spoons and saucepans and acting like a drummer. The first present I chose from a toy shop was a small yellow synth with red led’s. In later years I took a liking to rock, hip hop and breakdancing until the year 2000 when I was lucky happened to be in Goa in the south of India. It was here that I experienced the spirit of India and came to truly understand the essence of trance music. I was connected immediately with everything everything became one thing for me something happened !.
My mates use to play trance back in Malta but we still didn t know the core of the ritual nor realize what trance music was really all about until this point.

As soon as we returned to Malta after our awakening we started to organize some parties back home. Also around this time I began experimenting with music sequencing software which to me felt like a video game to which I was totally addicted. I fell in love with technology and music software and eventually purchased some hardware synthesizers also and decided to get serious about writing my own music.

On that tiny island great forms of energy use to happen, but it wasn’t enough for me so I decided to leave and hit the road with my new project. After playing gigs in Malta, Goa and Koh pagnan, I have now established myself in Sydney where I have been playing DJ sets at parties and focusing strongly upon writing my preferred style of melodic full on psychedelic trance
This is what I think and I belive in , hope u enjoy d trip!!!

Respect and
All the best


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