dreamful blacklight arts

Author: Boris Petrovski
Date: May 6, 2006
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Boris Petrovski





date: 05/06/2006

text: Boris Petrovski

pics: afadrenalin

Boris Petrovski was born in january 1975 in Skopje. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998 at Sculpture Department and Graphic Design in his hometown Skopje, where he now works as an freelance artist. Since 1996 he does docorations on trance parties. He discribes his work as: "Dreamy psychedelic stretches in whitch everything throbs, vibrates and
kinetically flows with fractal progression, phantasmagoric cosmic
landscapes - a wonderfoul world that sprouts up from Boris Petrovski's
fantasy whose backdrops mesmerize your senses evoking unrepeatable
cinematic experience in which spacial and time coordinates are displaced and you areallredy pushed in to a NEW DIMENSION."


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