Nagual Creations

Amazing Blacklight Paintings

Author: Nagual Creations
Date: Feb 11, 2006
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date: 02/11/2006

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Nagual Creations was formed in 1992 by British artist Phillip Long (born 1969) to provide vibrant and original artwork to London's underground party scene. Since then his work has been sought out by organizers and promoters worldwide to transform their parties, festivals and club events with his unique style of paintings and installations. As well as numerous residencies in London clubs and warehouse parties, the work of Nagual Creations has been commissioned in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Montreal, Toronto, Cape Town S.A., Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Cologne, Copenhagen, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and many more. In addition the work has attracted the attention of TV and press from such institutions as The Sunday Times in the UK to Quick Japan in Tokyo.

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