Rainbow Serpent 2006

Author: webgrrl
Date: Feb 5, 2006
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"kangeroos and hulahoop" beautyful pictures by webgrrl


Rainbow Serpent 2006

Melbourne 01/27- 01/30/06





date: 02/05/2006

text: Rainbow Serpent

pics: webgrrl


A big thanx to webgrrl, who lets us being part of australias most spiritual festival.



"In the Dreamtime, the world was flat, bare and cold. The Rainbow Serpent slept under the ground with all the animal tribes in her belly waiting to be born. When it was time, she pushed up, calling to the animals to come from their sleep. She threw the land out, making mountains and hills and spilled water over the land, making rivers and lakes. She made the sun, the fire and all the colours. "

(taken from www.rainbowserpent.net)





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