Author: D.joanna
Date: Jan 12, 2006
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Date: Jan 12, 2006
Text: D.joanna

D.joanna:- Heike Johanna born in Germany in 1982. She started off as a Dj in 2002 with small parties in Waldfrieden and around the north of Germany. Always growing with confidence she started doing bigger gigs, upto the Wonderland 03,04,05 and the Antaris in 2005. Also international jobs in Belgium, Egypt, Ecuador and Peru add to her references.

Her Type of Sound: Trance, touched with a sprinkeling of progressive techno...keeping it below 145Bpm..

Working in 2005 mostly side by side with “alice d” doing the same sound with a bitty bit more trance and pumpin stuff.

Last gigs:
15.04.05 Tranceformation Favela Münster
23.04.05 Lagoona Ex-Bad Münster
01.05.05 Hai in den Mai Waldfrieden
09.05.05 Trance Tee Luna Bar Münster
15.05.05 Summer X-Plosion Haverkamp Münster
17.06.05 Psychedelic Elements Favela Münster
08.07.05 Planet Waldfrieden
06.08.05 Special Trance Tee Fusion Münster
13.08.05 Wonderland Waldfrieden
20.08.05 Antaris

11.11.05 South American Special Waldfrieden
26.11.05 Beats of Love Belguim
16.12.05 Walfrieden on Tour Forum Bielefeld
25.12.05 Atlantis Move Project Bad Hannover
26.12.05 Psychedelic x-mas Waldfrieden


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