Dj Jabba (Sounds of Earth, Mexico)

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Author: Vazik
Date: Dec 29, 2005
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Dj Jabba (Sounds of Earth, Mexico)

Carlos Techachal a.k.a. Jabba was born in Mexico city, he began his dj career in the city of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. As a Dj he has shared the stage with great personalities such as Daniel Vermunft (Shiva Chandra) & Fabio (Plusquam Records), Mapusa Mapusa, etc.

He has been part of many projects, such as Element Frog (Chill out - ambient), in the last years he has worked with Dj Vazik under the name Bienmesabe, they have published tracks in labels like Kinetik, Toltecnica (Mexico) AP records, Tatsu (Germany) and Synergetic (Austria).

He has his own solo project called Jabba Project, a live act that fusions energetic progressive rhythms, with little flashes of ambient and a soft touch of break beats, this year he released his first EP “Metamorphosis” on AP Records from Germany.

In his “Live” show Jabba uses the Ableton technology to pump the dancefloor and show different sequences every time, everywhere.

He also has collaborated with: Sharigrama (AP records),True to Nature (Iboga recs. Denmark), Trancemission (Aximy recs),Dj Forza (Synergetic recs) , Logarythm (Central Dogma recs) & Teiko Yume (Central Dogma recs).

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