ChopariĀ & Eternal Spring in GUATEMALA

The complete story about Trance in the Guatemala!

Author: DJ Skunkbeat
Date: Oct 27, 2005
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Chopari & Eternal Spring in GUATEMALA

Guatemala is not called the land of eternal spring for nothing. Located in the heart of the Americas, the country overwhelms all visitors with its tremendous environmental and cultural richness. Recently, trance culture has become a part of this.

The electronic movement has been active for quite some time and after many years of house parties, the need for something new could be sensed. Local DJ’s started playing the tunes everybody had been waiting for. Then came DJ Ali from Transelastica Records in October 2003, and that date marks the beginning of the trance movement. When psychedelic trance started hitting the local clubs it felt like this was the future. That vibe of togetherness that comes along with this great music. A new generation of party goers, music lovers and  DJ’s was rising. Local trance DJ’s that have gained popularity include Skunkbeat, Argus, Grüv and Pebble Funk.

The best and most important psychedelic trance party in the country is the Full Moon Party, along the shores of Lake Atitlan, in a little town named San Pedro la Laguna. The place to be for many travelers and good time seekers. A beautiful lake surrounded by three majestic volcanoes and mountains.

The capital city Ciudad de Guatemala has much to offer too, with places like La Ocupa, the party club district Zona Viva, where a small lounge called The Box is trying to conquer the souls of freaks by offering quality psytrance every week. Last but not least the cultural district 4 GradosNorte is to be mentioned as well.

Another famous party that combines many genres of music is Rave del Castillo, which dazzles party goers once a year for 24 consecutive hours in a place that words can not describe to its full potential. A structure built stone onto stone. Some say it resembles Stonehenge, some say it resembles a flintstones neighborhood. The last festival in this place gathered an impressive amount of 5000 souls. Never before seen in Guatemalas electronic music history.

2005 is expected to be a great year for trance music, with shows like Infected Mushroom and Skazi. Trancemission and LFOS from Mexico gave a memorable performance for the last new years eve party at La Ermita de la Santa Cruz.



Guatemala attracts thousands of tourists year-round with its mountains, dense damp forests, coastal lowlands and a series of archeological sites such as Tikal due to the Mayan heritage.

The economical structure is based on agricultural goods such as coffee, bananas, sugar and cardamom.

Discovered by Spanish conquistadores around 1521, Guatemala has been a victim of dictatorships, which led to a 30 year long civil war. A peace accord was signed in 1996. Nowadays, it is a prosperous democratic nation on the brink of development.

Guatemala is a culturally rich country. 70 per cent is indigenous, direct descendents of the glorious Mayan empire. The rest are what people would call “ladinos”, a cocktail of different origins.



Date: Oct 27, 2005
Text: DJ Skunkbeat, DJ Pebble Funk
Photos: David Garda
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005






DJ Skunkbeat

(DJ, party organizer, psytrance activist)

“Power resides in the kind of knowledge one holds”

DJ Pebble Funk

(DJ, party organizer, psytrance activist)

“The things in life we can’t understand are better left for the next voyage.”


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