Below The Waist in Finland

The complete story about Trance in the Finland!

Author: Markku \'Cosmo\' Salmi
Date: Sep 29, 2005
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Below The Waist in Finland

We citizens of Finland call our country “The Maiden of Finland” due to the
land’s geographic shape. Thus most of the important psy parties happen in
places below the maiden’s waist - in the south, the place to experience Suomi soundi!

The history of psy in Finland is rather long, of course in the beginning it was called Goa, like everywhere else. There were DJ’s like Borzin, Nique, Gamma, Pepe, Shanti Baba and live-acts like Gad and O-men as well as a trance collective Midiliitto (Midi League). We also had a local wonder-kid Orkidea spinning, who later turned more mainstream and collaborated among other things with Tiesto. 

We have had nearly ten years of Reclaiming the Streets parties for example, and other parties have their roots deep in history,too, like Syke and bigger ones like the Koneisto Festival for Electronic Music and Arts (biggest in Scandinavia) every year with a psy stage, a newcomer Konemetsä Festival (Machine Forest) or Elixiria Anniversary parties. 2004 saw international talents like Astrix, Lemurians, Koxbox, Saiko Pod, and Son Kite performing in Finland.  

Forest parties have become a tradition in Finland and happen during the summer outside the capital and the line-ups are both domestic and international. These parties are mostly free of charge. Line-ups includes Finnish acts like Astroschnautzer, Eraser vs. Yöjalka, Haltya, Highpersonic Whomen, Kiwa, Squaremeat, Texas Faggot, Tripteaser, Trollscientists, and Torakka, and DJ’s like Halo, Jean-Peter, Petteri, and Tim Duster. Squaremeat and Texas Faggot belong to the old Finnish psy scene. Texas Faggot is constantly performing outside Finland in countries such as Japan, Israel, even USA (Texas!) and Boom festival as well.

Finnish trancers take actively part in the global scene, you can see us in big European festivals as well as in other international hot-spots. The scene is sometimes a bit diversified with more technoish, drum’n’ bass and dub oriented parties. Smaller parties are held on weekly basis and bigger ones bi-monthly. The crowd is mainly younger people under thirties, but you also see old-timers. We love our scene and it’s like: “Never mind who you are, where you come or how you dress, on the dancefloor we’re all equal!” is a forum in the web where you find the important info and parties. The forum was founded in 2002 and soon became one of the most respected organisations. Elixiria’s main target is to promote fresh Finnish acts around the globe, combine forces, and collaborate especially with the Nordic Countries. Thirteen Productions, Exogenic Records and Surreal Audio are other Finnish party organizers, producers and links to the scene.


  • With 5.2 million inhabitants Finland is scarcely populated – 17 people per km2
  • In June and July it doesn’t get really dark at nights as the North Pole is close
  • Consuming, dealing and posession of drugs of any kind are illegal and criminalised. The law is pretty tough. So be aware and just say know!



Date: Sep 29, 2005
Text: Markku “Cosmo” Salmi, Reetta Nykänen “PSY-ster”
Photos: Reeta
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005



Markku “Cosmo” Salmi

youth researcher and freelance journalist, started with the rave-scene in the beginning of 90’s, loves Goa/India, best party in 2004: Boom

The future is now, and there’s even more future tomorrow!

Reetta Nykänen “PSY-ster”

member of, dancer, promoter of young artists, photographer and beginner electronic musician

It’s cool to be Psy-cotic!



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