Jocid - Sonic Addiction (Manic Dragon)


Author: Damion
Date: Sep 15, 2005
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Date: Sep 15, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 7/10

Sonic Addiction
Manic Dragon (Australia)

Dutch find Jocid really impressed psyreviews with last year’s From Meatware To Headware album, and with this offering the sound has developed into a succulent hybrid of minimal, vibe-based nighttime and organic mulch. Sweet Thing takes no time at all to drop into a massive bassline that eases its way through the track. It picks up progressive stabs, a subtle chord change, and ticklish percussion to keep it moving along nicely. It’s not too dark, not too progressive, not too minimal – great goldilocks stuff. X-Ray Vision kicks off like a more standard track, and it’s only when it bursts into its chunky main section do you really sit up and take notice. The movement’s similar to your Iron Madness affair, but it’s got an unmistakeable swing and funk to it that carries it along nicely. Behind The Mask is a great piece of psychedelia, very inventive and quirky while maintaining its punch and drive. A central melody surfaces from an analogue soup, before getting fucked up and glitched. It falls back into a melody-driven break, before coming back with myriad sliced lines that have the same effect of listening to those old synchro 12”s on Tip for the first time. Bloody excellent. To The Body is a great piece of nighttime, again not really damaging the eardrums but more tickling them… particularly with a central squeaking that sounds like a dog’s chew toy being brought to orgasm. Jimi The Page isn’t as loaded with guitars as you might expect from the name – it’s a vast, wide-open bit of scratchadelicism that picks up reverb and drench as it goes along. The Knife is a very Ketuh-friendly bit of night fullon, caustic goblins take it up to a midsection with a wonderfully huge melody that just cascades and cascades, while Suckubus is serious nighttime stuff that only lets up for a very individual, very clean breakdown. Master Plan takes all Jocid’s energy and pulses it through a kaleidoscope, with melodies stretching your speakers for all they’re worth while a solid bubblebath goes on below. Finally, Jocid teams up with Duckerat for Play Ball, which chucks in very twisted melodies over the top of a breakneck backbone, incredibly twisted parent-scaring music with more sub than a boy racer’s convention. I’m loving the way Jocid’s sound has developed since the last album. This suggests a kind of confidence busting out, the result being effortlessly chunky music that’s got a lot to offer the shitkicking nighttime crowd.

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