Organic shocks the music industry

Author: Chris Organic
Date: Jul 13, 2005
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In a shock move this morning, World-renown psy-progressive-trance Record label Organic Records successfully sued naff corporate music giants Crazy Wild Music over the rights to \"Its Just A Ride\" and uncovered an evil plot to turn underground trance hits into global pop songs.

As it was clearly proved in a record-breaking 37 hour hearing early this morning, the Jem song pumped out on Top Of The Pops and countless radio channels across the UK is a blatant rip-off of Voice Of Cod - psytrance\'s biggest and freshest discovery since freshly pressed lichee juice - who released the original \"Its Just A Ride\" on the hit compilation \"New Generation\" on Organic Records back in May 2004.

Judge Bramble-Beard Senior listened intently through the whole 8.5 minutes of the original version before concluding unanimously: \"I have absolutely no idea what the fuss is all about. Dismissed.\" However it was soon discovered that the Judge was part of a global plot to turn hits from the underground dance movement into global pop songs. Attempting to flee for his life, the judge was apprehended and forced to reveal all he knew.

Stonk, Bakin\', and Watermelon, legal spokespersons for Organic Records said: \"We are pleased with the result. It shows that evil multinational record companies, who have absolutely no regard for artistic integrity OR the environment, cannot just go around picking up hits from the underground dance movement and rehashing them as pop songs\".

A record-breaking $75,000,000 and 47 rupees was paid out in damages to Organic Records who have donated the whole lot to the Bill Hicks Marijuana For All foundation. Pointing out that Bill Hicks was the original inspiration for the song, and the fact that karmically speaking it would be wrong to keep the money since Bill went to \"Extreme Measures\" to come back from the dead just to record the vocals, Organic Record\'s head Chris Organic said he was happy justice had been served. \"Of course, we would be silly to ignore the fact that this whole case has been great PR for Voice Of Cod\'s album WE ARE FREE which will be released later this year\" he said.

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