Various - Aerocruz (Groove Zone)


Author: Jannick Andersen
Date: Jul 13, 2005
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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Aerocruz
Label: Groove Zone
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: June, 2005


The Japanese label Groove Zone launched last year with the self-titled debut compilation \"Groove Zone\", and have since then released 2 other compilations – focusing on both basic progressive psytrance (\"Groove Zone\"), more house-oriented psytrance (\"Back To The Future\") and darker, slightly more minimal sounding psytrance (\"Magnetic Storm\"). Their newest compilation “Aerocruz” has just hit the market, now concentrating on blissful morning tunes somewhere on the border between progressive and full on.

1. Side-A - Hybrid Rise
First track is from the up-and-coming producer from France, Side-A, who have had releases on labels like Tatsu, Sub Machine and of course Groove Zone in the last year. \"Hybrid Rise\" is in my opinion his best track to date – building on a static groove and more or less the same theme of bright sounds as used in his first releases. It feels a lot better executed here though, and the excellent use of blissful female vocals really is a perfect addition to his uplifting sound.

2. Natural Flow - Flying Toaster
\"Flying Toaster\" (not exactly the best track-name of the year) is the first release fro Natural Flow – a new sideproject of Blue Vortex and Rumble Pack. Like with the more well-known main-projects, this is pure uplifting trance – progressive, but with several layers of slightly Israeli full on inspired melodies. Good work, but perhaps a bit too naive for my liking.

3. Son Kite - Let Us Be (Vibrasphere Remix)
Vibraspheres remix of Son Kites epic \"Let Us Be\" was already released last year following the “Colours” album, and here we find it re-released. \"Let Us Be\" is my favourite track from the album, and Vibraspheres version is almost equally stunning: the atmosphere is very lush and more dreamy than in the original, and the theme-melody is simply amazing – less subtle, and more straightforward. Great remix.

4. Counter Tech - Aerocruz
The japanse act Counter Tech get his first release with \"Aerocruz\". The track seems a bit to fast at first, but gets more balanced later on with the introduction of a hint of a melody. At the breakdown in middle of the track it gets really pleasant – a simple, naïve melody is accompanied with some different bright stabs, and the track takes of again. Not the most original track, but with simple means it leaves a very good impression.

5. Soul Surfer - Bonzai Beach Of Magic
Anders Nilsson is surely one of the busiest producers at the moment, and last year alone he released 3 full-length albums under the projects Andromeda, Chromosome and Soul Surfer. His sound is very distinct on \"Bonzai Beach Of Magic\", and though it perhaps isn\'t as formulaic as some of his earlier works, I didn\'t find it that interesting. Still looking forward to the new Andromeda album though.

6. Visua - Stage Of Evolution
“Stage Of Evolution” is the first release from the Mexican project “Visua”, and it\'s a quite fine debut. He combines a crunchy, minimal-sounding bassline with a simple melody and some very pleasant pads. My only criticism with the track was the already overused \"We are now seeing the beginnings of another stage of human evolution\" sample from \"X-Men\"

7. Triptych - Two Ears And One Mouth
Triptych (who also did the mastering on the compilation) appears with one of his usual full on\'ish tracks. If there ever was a style called freestyle full on, this would be it. Fun and funky, and with a very entertaining Triptych-trademark voice-sample as the final touch. Not my favourite to come out of the Triptych studio though, but a quite enjoyable track that will surely cause a lot of smiles on the dancefloors.

8. Sync - Cursor
Sync is a new sideproject of the German progressive duo Vaishiyas, and \"Cursor\" is pretty decent. Compared to much of the earlier work of Vaishiyas this isn\'t nearly as deep and pounding, but instead with much more focus on melodies – perhaps most similar to \"Babe Watch\" released last year. But even though the melodies are very catchy, the track never really reaches the excepted climax, and therefore doesn\'t fully live up to my expectations.

9. S>Range feat. Z-Man - Wonderful
Last track is \"Wonderful\" from S>Range and Z-Man (old member of Logic Bomb). I completely love the first 2 albums from S>Range, but haven\'t really liked his recent move towards full on, so it was certainly a nice surprise that this track was only running at 134 BPM. It\'s by far the most laid-back track on the compilation, and is a very pleasant come-down after the more dancefloor oriented tunes – good, mellow morning-groover.

Bottom line:

\"Aerocruz\" is no doubt a good purchase, and most of the tracks will work wonders on the dancefloors in the morning hours. None of the tracks are bellow the standard of the average morning tune, but after the massive \"Back To The Future\" compilation I was perhaps expecting a few more tracks of really spectacular \"hit-quality\". That said, \"Aerocruz\" is certainly no waste of money – not the most essential releases of 2005, but certainly very enjoyable.


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