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Author: tena moore
Date: Jul 1, 2005
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Aaron began composing electronic music around 1993, and just released his newest solo album from Dropout Productions.

Hi Aaron. Wow! You've had a busy year: you've been signed to a new record label – Dropout Productions – released two tracks on their new compilation, Alien FM, and have just released vectorSelector, your second solo psytrance album. Tell me a bit about your new album?
It's beautiful, powerful and psychedelic! It doesn't neatly fit into the little boxes we have these days for psychedelic trance "styles". Nothing is off limits for me. I feel that "vectorSelector" covers some wide territorial expanses.

How has it been working with Dropout?
Dropout Productions has been great to work with, and I do mean work WITH. We have worked together on a lot of things relating to the label, my release, and their other releases. I feel like I can share my voice and can influence and help with things. I trust their basic vision and intentions. I think they will do well.

What do you use to bring us the sounds you create?
Alienware Area51 7700M (p4 3.2ghz, 800mhz fsb, 1mb L2 cache, 1gb ram, 60gb 7200rpm hitachi hd) but the fan sqweaks.

Presonus Firebox soundcard

Korg MicroKontrol via usb

Dave Smith Evolver (this crazy hardware synth from the guy who invented MIDI)

Orion Platinum 5.8 (software synthesis suite...)

An audio editor- I decline to state which.

And a bunch of Plug-ins…

What are you inspirational abstractions for psytrance? What drives you?
I would like to know what drives me. I did not find it in philosophy. I did not find it in anything actually. I am driven. I drive. The ‘I' who is driving has to chat with the ‘I' who has the map sometimes...

Sometimes they both have to ask for directions. Actually, I really feel that it all comes from another place inside and that I am facilitating its passage. I would get a hernia or something if I didn't express this musical compulsion somehow...

This is your chance to tell everyone (going global here) what you think. Give us some words on your global ideas: political, religion, psy culture, pick a topic and run with it…
We must abolish the institutions that do not serve this higher purpose and replace them with new ones. At this point in our tiny history as a species, we must enact some unified intention to care for and respect the natural environment we are embedded in on this planet. We must find a way to short-circuit our mindless ideology driven agenda as a species and begin to care about our place in the bigger picture of things. I wish for the manifold blossom of life to grow and enrich itself in diversity and options. I wish that each being may find the path to its satisfaction and happiness.

Where would you love to play that you haven't yet?
I would love to go to Japan, South America, the whole South Pacific region calls, um…many places. At the moment I am happy to play anywhere! Just speak to my bookings manager, Marian, and set it up:
Have Music Will Travel!

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