Psysex - Remixed (Hom-Mega)


Author: Damion
Date: Jun 16, 2005
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Date: Jun 16, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 2/10

Christ on a farken bratwurst. This folks, is just painful. Psysex were (are still? Maybe) a pretty decent act. Come In Peace was interesting, and still sounds different today. Hardcore Blastoff was alright (even if it was, retrospectively, one of the founding fathers of the current Israeli sound). And who could forget LS Dance, standout track on 1999’s Expressions OF Rage. Well not to worry folks, because all these decent tunes have single-handedly been put through the shitblender by people who should be able to do better (X Noise, Illumination, GMS, Eskimo etc) but who seemed to churn these out faster than psyreviews churns out a bowlcracking turd at 08:00am the morning after a midweek curry. Most painful of the lot is a tossup between GMS’s remix of Bionic Bong and Wrecked Machines truly brainless butchering o f Dirty 80’s, and final reason to slap this release with a large wet salmon is Psysex’s own crucifiction of LS Dance, an update which should have been brilliant but which is so loaded with clichés it makes the dialogue in Police Academy V sound like Shakespeare. And this is to say nothing about the cover, a hideous piece of wankfodder which clearly would only appeal to sexually frustrated, clueless clagnuts who can no more beatmatch than they can make their beds in the morning. Is this what we’ve become? Psysex Remixed is the biggest piece of smegma to be found underneath the blistered foreskin of global psychedelic trance so far in 2005.

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